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I have been on Pristiq 100mg and Edronax 4mg (reboxitine) which is a noradrenalin reuptake inhibitor for over six years. I have come off it three times and needed to get back on it due to re-exposure to family dynamic. 66 more words

Day 29 - Edronax (Reboxetine)

I was sitting down to dinner and took my twice a day tablet, looking at the foil I realised that it’s day 29 on the new medicine. 612 more words

Mental Illness

"An ordinary life"

The past few days have been hard, but also wonderful. Wonderful enough to include one of my top played songs at the moment. It’s special, it’s hauntingly beautiful. 982 more words

Mental Illness

Week 2

It is now my second week on Edronax and my 5th or 6th day at the full dose (2 tablets / day).

Things are still pretty fucking unbearable. 234 more words


These new meds really have been fucking me up hard and, given how much worse it has been than the prozac, I have been wondering it if needs to be addressed. 274 more words


When I went to the psych last time, I had been having a pretty bad time so I did not really give a fuck about any explanation he had to give, I just wanted to try the next thing, hence me bring unable to remember the name of the new meds. 287 more words


Generic Name: Reboxetine mesylate
Product Name: Edronax

Edronax is used to treat depression as well as to help prevent it recurring. ^ top

Occasionally, everyone experiences “low moods” due to stress from everyday life. 586 more words