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How to move on?

By Engrid Genova

This year, commemorating the so-called revolution was combined with the protest against Bong Bong Marcos entering Malacañang . We are remembering victims of Martial law, both innocent and fighters who were crushed by the dictatorship, and also preventing it to happen again. 391 more words

PH Nation

History in the making

History, as they say, is written by the victors.

Thirty-one years ago, Filipinos gathered on a street called EDSA to protect a couple of coup plotters and their men from the then president of the Republic of the Philippines and his army. 444 more words


Today, we are commemorating EDSA 1986 People Power Revolution. Marking the end of Ferdinand Marcos’ dictatorship under the iron claws of Martial Law, as he and his family force to flew in Hawaii for refuge. 421 more words


Edsa 1 and Its “Benefit of the Daw”

On the way home, I happened to pass by the People Power Monument along the corner of White Plains Avenue and EDSA. The image of “Inang Bayan”, with hands raised up in the air, was striking against the backdrop of the summer afternoon skies. 1,186 more words


I’m going to start off my very first post on this blog by applauding myself for not using Pink Floyd lyrics in the blog title. I was very close, mind you, but as much as I love… 724 more words


Julius Court

With the new Century over a year old, technology has now played critical yet very

different roles in bringing two of the world’s leaders to power. 453 more words