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I’m going to start off my very first post on this blog by applauding myself for not using Pink Floyd lyrics in the blog title. I was very close, mind you, but as much as I love… 650 more words


Julius Court

With the new Century over a year old, technology has now played critical yet very

different roles in bringing two of the world’s leaders to power. 453 more words


LIE: Marcos refused to shoot at the people during EDSA86

Happened upon this on social media:

“To all those who demonstrated at EDSA, they should be grateful because Marcos refused to shoot at them at great expense to himself and his family.

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Ferdinand Marcos

EDSA: A Walk Without A Cause

EDSA – Epifanio de los Santos Avenue

EDSA, the symbol of traffic in Metro Manila. The major road going to most cities in the Metro, where most Filipinos pass to go to work and go back home. 1,069 more words


Never Again, Never Forget

This was written a few months back for our Feature Writing class in celebration of the 1986 EDSA Revolution anniversary. It features an astonishing painting by the great, painter-activist Randalf Dilla (see image below). 485 more words

Change is Coming

Lots of things happening, mostly under the surface.  A little update on the last thing I posted — the Yellow Army’s lies did not succeed and Duterte won as President.   305 more words

A recycled U.S. colony?

Is the Philippines today turning into an American colony once again?  What prompts that question has to do with two main issues. One is the fact that the Philippine government has offered the Americans the use of five strategic sites to guard against China’s further encroachments, possibly also to keep a peripheral eye out for Islamic terrorism. 708 more words