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Internet Win of the Day: May 30

Just something I thought was awesome for reals …

To the gentleman who boarded the subway carrying a window unit air conditioner: not so much with the planning, huh?

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Internet Win

Going to the vault to preview LSU & Florida

Being in existence for little more than a year, there really isn’t much of an “ALDLAND Vault” at this point, but week six necessitates a new approach to game previews. 592 more words


Comparing and Contrasting Football Bloggers: Are They Coming Up Big or Falling Just Short?

Hey everyone, this is Austin again from the headquarters of the stowestutterstep blog.

I happened to peruse through a few sports blogs/bloggers’ pages today and noticed a couple that caught my eye. 954 more words

Alabama and Michigan in Big D

Brendan is in Dallas for this game, but he refused to preview it for ALDLAND because he didn’t “want to jinx anything like I did with Barca in the champs league,” whatever that means.  149 more words


It's all over for Joe Paterno

Sixty-one years of coaching end like this, what Deadspin calls Joe Paterno’s Nixon-boarding-a-helicopter moment:

Here’s video of the strange press conference at which Paterno’s firing was announced: 18 more words


Late-breaking Friday textual jam

Because I’ve probably expended my office audio-listening capital for the day on baseball clips, and because I’ve used up most of my seasonal and Friday-themed songs for the moment, here’s a textual jam to lighten the mood on a Friday afternoon. 54 more words