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Moving Beyond Our Copy and Paste World - #BLOG365 Day 25

As a child I loved reading through encyclopedias. My mom bought one or two Funk and Wagnalls Encyclopedias each week at the grocery store until we had the full set with the atlas. 424 more words


Critical Educational Questions for Big Data, Part 2

I started a list of critical questions for big data in education earlier this week. This is a big topic, raising lots of big questions and serious topics and problems for further debate and discussion. 1,262 more words


EDTECH 506 - The Use of Shape

The Use of Shapes

One lesson in my unit, Human Rights for All Humans, deals with the inequities in educational opportunities in the world for girls. 174 more words

A Glimmer of Hope in the College Admissions Process?

The ever-increasingly competitive college admissions process places a great deal of stress on students, teachers and parents. In addition, it can pose significant constraints on schools forced to comply with external systems that may be alien to their conception of a true education. 320 more words


Assessing the Assessment (Rubric 2.0)

This week in CEP 813, I spent time exploring the foundational principles of the Understanding by Design (UbD) framework originally created by Grant Wiggins and Jay McTighe in 2005.  184 more words


Streaming Software

In light of the fact that Google Hangouts on Air is being moved to YouTube Live as of this month, it’s good to know that there are some alternatives that make live streaming possible. 364 more words