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EdTech in the age of Virtual Reality

Something I’ve been interested in since I was a very small child is virtual reality. Could be that it stems from escapism, could be I read too many science fiction books over the course of my years (Tad William’s Otherland and the soon to be Spielberg produced adaptation Ready Player One are good examples of this) but whatever it is, I remain fascinated with the idea of experiencing other realities. 1,114 more words


Ed-tech start-ups envision L.A. as a hub for the growing sector.

By Samantha Masunaga

The Los Angeles tech scene has spawned numerous e-commerce websites, dating and messaging apps, and online video companies, but a growing contingent of start-ups wants the attention to shift to a new sector: educational technology. 969 more words


(re)Creating a virtual educator.

What will an online class look like with Mr. Petlak?  What will an online Biology class look like with Mr. Petlak? Are labs done in person? 1,005 more words


Clear To Send Podcast Episode 62: K12 Wi-Fi Deployments

I recently had the pleasure of joining Rowell Dionicio on the Clear to Send Podcast to talk about Wi-Fi in K12 schools. Clear To Send is a great podcast about enterprise wireless networking and a great way to stay current with the Wi-Fi community. 327 more words


Why Joshua Kim Love Online Learning but Dislikes Educational Technology

Joshua Kim dislikes educational technology because it has over-promised and under-delivered on the promise of educational technology, but the loves online learning in all its formats: blended, low-residency, and fully online.

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Educational Technologies

The 8 C's of Project Based Learning with Tech

45 min Session
Audience Focus:  Elementary, Secondary

The 4 C’s are a popular topic around education these days.  I think we can do better!!  Let’s integrate some technology into Project Based Learning and watch our classrooms transform.   169 more words


What to do with G Sheets?

One great way to use Sheets with teachers or others who may not have or use Google Drive is to share with them using the “Anyone with the link can edit–no sign-in required”.   149 more words