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#ISTE2015 Conference Day 2

Tuesday, June 30

After an amazing first day, I was excited to begin my second day at ISTE.   I learned about leadership, collaborating on a global level, learned about some websites I hadn’t thought about in awhile, girls in STEM fields and how MakerSpaces can help and met more amazing people. 481 more words

Vol.#92: ISTE 2015 Presentation Screencast [CROSSPOST]

My last two posts on Teaching Speaks Volumes have been about the steps to convert student-completed Google Forms to WordPress blog posts and why I use it in my classroom for Independent Reading. 87 more words


Childhood turns 2.0! Happy Birthday!

When I was a child, and my birthday was approaching, my mother would ask; “For your birthday cake, would you like chocolate or vanilla?… What kind of frosting do you like?… “Should we invite Brent or Michael or Allison?” The anticipation alone of this event had me thinking of my birthday for many weeks in advance. 464 more words


ISTE: Expo Hall

Aside from all the presentations, workshops, lectures etc at ISTE there is an enormous Expo Hall. In the expo hall are over 3000 booths where people are there to present their educational resources, software, hardware etc. 825 more words


On Fridays, we grow our #PLN!

All month long we’re devoting Fridays to growing our #PLN!  When you take a look at the #JulyiPadChallenge, you’ll notice a verb at the bottom of each column.   155 more words

Why High Schools' biggest problem is Lessons

A major problem in High schools is their lessons. Those short 1 hour sessions that relate to a specific subject, where in most cases, the teacher stands and delivers ‘learning’.from the front. 536 more words