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Guest Blog Post: Five Tips for Gamifying Your Classroom

Gamification is applying typical elements of video games, such as levels and experience points, into other areas of life. Video games can be effective learning devices, assisting understudies, and enhancing the learning environment. 529 more words



I’m excited to (finally!) announce, that I am starting a new step along my professional journey as the new Executive Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Information Officer… 199 more words


My first reflection: Module 1 Overview of Technology Integration in Education

Technology nowadays affect human life either through business, health and education. In the field of education particularly in teaching, integrating technology is an effective tool to develop the higher order thinking skill of the students but it will only be achieve if the students uses it effectively and properly in the learning process and if the teacher uses the appropriate technology in teaching. 183 more words


Universal Design for Learning

Today, I attended a lecture by Dr. Emily Bouck regarding the Universal Design for Learning more commonly referred to as UDL. This is an educational framework that started in the special education sphere of schools. 634 more words

#Trending Now

This week I followed a few edtech leaders such as @burgess_shelley, @EdtechBrennan, @mfaust, and @garnet_hillman. I also was invited by @EdTech_… 242 more words


The Impact of Paper on Technological Change

In this post Joshua Kim reviews Mark Kurlansky’s book Paper. The central thesis of the book, according to Kim, is that we tend to get the impact of technical change backwards. 109 more words

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