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Machine Learning-Assisted Human Learning

Cansu Seckin and Ravi Ganta

A new era of machine learning-based education technology is taking shape
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Our education system is too slow, too monotonous, and too static! 1,060 more words


Li-f-e: Linux for Education 18.04.3 available

Li-f-e: Linux for Education based on Ubuntu MATE 18.04.3 x86_64/amd64 is available for download.

Comes with MATE 1.20.1, Linux 5.0.0 from HWE stack, Firefox 68.0.1, Libreoffice, and many applications suitable for education and home environment. 35 more words


EDTECH 537: Coach vs. Teacher

As I have mentioned, I am an Instructional Technology Coach who serves 6 elementary schools in my district. Served all 13 my first year. Yeah, I felt like zombie. 347 more words


EDTECH 537: Your Mental Health Matters

Mental illness: two words that when put together sound… scary, weird, even crazy. Those two words put together will have people give you a look of confusion as if something is wrong with you and they can see it on your face. 828 more words


Let's Find A Comfortable Seat

Edutopia stated, “The most basic comfort-related amenity is soft seating, and there’s no longer any justification for the hard chairs on which students have to sit several hours each day.” (Nair & Fielding, 2007) Truthfully, I think some chairs are uncomfortable, which is why I sometimes prefer the floor. 147 more words


What Is A Teacher?

In most cases, an American teacher has a Bachelor Degree. Some have a Master Degree and probably a Doctorate, but it’s required that you have at least a Bachelor Degree if you want to become a certified teacher. 177 more words