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QR Codes!? I'm not a HIP kid anymore!

First thing that I thought about when I heard QR codes was “what is that!?”. I really didn’t know anything about them, and had only ever seen them in passing. 280 more words


QR Codes: The Possibilities Are Endless

Hello again!

This week I was introduced to a very fascinating tool and I am so excited to share it with you! I’m sure some of you will recognize what the featured image of this post is; however for me, this strange, pixelated icon was something that I had only occasionally seen posted on bulletin boards and I had no idea of the possibilities it could lead to. 335 more words


QR Codes in the Classroom

The Use of QR Codes from a Student’s Point of View

After using QR Codes in the classroom myself I gained a new understanding of the possible uses of them in an interactive classroom! 331 more words


What are my thoughts on Q.R codes?

Good afternoon everyone, throughout this week within my Ed Tech classes, we have been working with Q.R Codes.  I have to say I love them! I claim that they can be quite engaging and active.  268 more words


Bringing QR codes into the Classroom

This week in EDTS 325, we had the opportunity to explore the world of QR codes and the different ways that they can be used, whether it is to relay a message, provide a video, or navigate to a specific website. 282 more words


QR Codes and a Pragmatic Classroom

As mentioned in previous posts, I am very hands-on in my learning and teaching, so implementing QR codes into a classroom is something that could be a very real possibility for me. 407 more words

Learning New Things

QR Codes In The Classroom

What are QR Codes?

A QR Code is very similar to a bar code and stands for Quick Response. The image consists of square dots that can be scanned and reveals whatever information it contains. 417 more words