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Final Reflections: How I Plan to Implement My Educational Technology Skills

It is crazy to think that the end of the semester is here, and even crazier to think about how much I have learned in just a few short months! 918 more words


A Final Reflection of my Journey Through Ed Tech

Hey everyone! As my ed tech class is coming to an end, I just have some final thoughts to share with you about what I’ve learned throughout the semester and how it has prepared me to be a better educator for the future. 655 more words


Padlet: Premium Panic Put to Rest

Less than a month ago, I wrote a passionate ode to Padlet for my college pre-service teachers who really didn’t seem to “get” Padlet’s adaptable uses for the technology-infused classroom.  273 more words

Trying Something New

Final Reflection on EDTS 325

Throughout the entirety of EDTS 325, we have experimented with and learned to use a variety of different educational technologies. The experimental process leads to many triumphs and frustrations. 680 more words


The End of the Semester Already? My Final Reflection on my Educational Technologies Class

Holy Smokes! The end of the semester is already here, I cannot believe it! It feels like it was just yesterday that we were just starting this semester. 962 more words


Digital Citizenship

Outcomes of Information Race

After competing in an information race with my classmates I discovered that when doing quick and fast research you need to take the time to ensure the information you are finding is correct. 408 more words


Digital Citizenship and My Online Footprint

Information Race and Thoughts on Digital Citizenship

This week in my educational technology class, we completed an activity called an ‘information race’ where we visited a number of websites in which we then answered questions based on the information found on these websites. 703 more words