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Using Peer Feedback

Ertmer, P. A., Richardson, J. C., Belland, B., Camin, D., Connolly, P., Coulthard, G., Lei, K., &

Mong, C. (2007).  Using peer feedback to enhance the quality of student online postings: 549 more words

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

Harris, J.B., & Hofer, M.J. (2011).  Technological pedagogical content knowledge (TPACK) in action:  A descriptive study of secondary teachers’ curriculum-based, technology-related instructional planning.  .Journal of Research on Technology in Education, 43… 214 more words

Mobile Response Systems in Education

Faud, M., Deb, D., Etim, J., & Gloster, C.  (2018). Educational Technology Research and Development, 66(2), pp.493-514.

There is nothing more transient than new literacies;  they change every single day. 273 more words

Week 10

Knobel, M., & Lankshear, C. (2014). Studying new literacies. Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, 57(9), 1-5.

Knobel & Lankshear wrote this article in relation to studying new literacies. 288 more words




Deschryver (2014) presents a noble study on using the web-mediated knowledge synthesis for higher order thinking and for ecology of learning. He describes web-mediated knowledge synthesis and higher order thinking as deep learning paradigms that equate to creativity, knowledge integration and problem-solving skills. 374 more words


Literacy In-and-out of School - Annotated Bibliography

Williams, B. T. (2005). Leading Double Lives: Literacy and Technology in and out of School. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 48(8), 702–706.  https://doi.org/10.1598/JAAL.48.8.7

This article attempts to address gaps in literacy skills and the instructional use of technology to close those gaps.   288 more words


Using Twitter for Education: Beneficial or simply a Waste of Time?

Tang, Y., & Hew, K. (2017, March). Using Twitter for Education: Beneficial or Simply a Waste of Time? Computers and Education, 106, 97-118.

The article is a review of 10 years of empirical studies on using Twitter as a tool in learning environments (51 publications). 269 more words