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You Can't Help But Laugh At The Trololo Song

This video was uploaded a while ago and has recently been discovered and become very viral for good reason.  The song, which has no discernible lyrics, is used as a vocal exercise for the singer, Eduard Khil, and has gone on to become its own meme all around the internet.   41 more words


Messing with the Producer: Musicians Faking Live Performances

Commonly, when a musician or band makes a live television performance, the song is mimed using what is called a Playback. They basically have to pretend to play the song and the song sounds exactly like it does on the album. 467 more words


Trololo Man

Profile of Eduard Khil (anglicized as ‘Edward Hill’), a Soviet baritone singer who, in a string of fate, unexpectedly became an Internet meme phenomenon.

Get to know more about his biography in… 198 more words

A Storytelling Hemisphere

School Day in the Soviet Union

I’ve been having a blast going through old Soviet videos on YouTube ever since the 2014 Winter Olympics began in Sochi, Russia. I found this video that’s a musical tribute to the free education system for all children living in the old Soviet Union. 56 more words



It’s too bad that Eduard Khil passed away back in 2012. The Opening Ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi would’ve been even better if he had been around to sing his signature song. 26 more words


Green Khil Zone

Well, I think we’re on the fucked up part of the internet again, this is a nightmare for every Sonic fan. Eduard Khil aka Mr. Trololo is singing to the melody of Green Hill Zone:


Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up: Trolling Saruman

(Just so you know, this was done in advance because I’m in Cambodia and don’t really have time to blog at the moment! I’ll be posting this at 8pmish there/8amish Central Time in the States!) 99 more words