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Catch him if you can

Always a great day at work when the worlds fastest man pops by #gettysport @usainbolt pic.twitter.com/Bfqjb9T4wN

— Cameron Spencer (@cjspencois) August 15, 2016

The crowd sentiment was clear.

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Rio Olympics 2016


É tempo de festa no Rio de Janeiro, uma festa para poucos na verdade, mas o clima é de festa para os incautos que acreditam que Copa do Mundo de Futebol, Olimpíadas e outros mega-eventos mundiais funcionam como um “segundo Carnaval no ano”. 436 more words


The Olympic curse

I love sports and I love cities. Which means that the Olympics should be a match made in heaven for me. But it isn’t, anymore. 712 more words

Nice To Know

Don't mess with Mr Bigglesworth

Rio’s Olympic organisers thought they’d seen the worst that circumstances could throw at them. Then they came face to face with Kitty Chiller.

Australia’s chef de mission bears a passing resemblance to Mr Bigglesworth, Dr Evil’s cryogenically frozen cat of… 653 more words

Friday Funnies

Will Pokémon Go Compete at the Rio Olympics? Unfortunately, the Game Never Qualified

Broadcaster at the Rio Olympics:

The Belgian has the lead, 30 meters on the Ethiopian struggling to stay in the race. With only a lap to go, we are clearly on the brink of….wait…my goodness! 266 more words