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Eduardo Sanchez is involved in From Dusk Till Dawn season 2!

Eduardo Sanchez, the brilliant filmmaker behind Altered, Seventh Moon, and The Blair Witch Project (with his co-creator Daniel Myrick) has recently made some in-roads into amazing television directing work. 134 more words

How to Play the Exists (2014) Drinking Game

Yesterday I reviewed the found footage Sasquatch movie Exists, directed by former Blair Witch luminary Eduardo Sánchez. The film is fun, but somewhat campier in premise than in execution, as it takes the threat of the Bigfoot very seriously and plays the material straight. 378 more words

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Exists (2014)

I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly why mainstream critics were so hard on last year’s found footage Sasquatch movie Exists. The movie’s been called everything from… 1,111 more words

Brandon Ledet

Case VI: Chapter 7: Discovery

Chapter 7: Discovery

As promised, Eddie Sanchez brought his father’s shoe box to La Vida Aureo the next day when he and Brit came to visit the elder Mrs. 2,500 more words

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Case VI: Chapter 6: Road Trip

Chapter 6: Road Trip

One afternoon, while Matthew Dudley was returning from a minor electrical repair job, he passed Larry Blackburn in the main lobby. “How is your scrapbook project coming along?” asked Dudley. 1,573 more words

Matthew Dudley

Case VI: Chapter 4: Bernalillo, NM 1967

Chapter 4: Bernalillo, New Mexico 1967

It was late June, 1967 and four friends were sitting in the parking lot behind Bernalillo High School in the Town of Bernalillo, New Mexico. 1,777 more words

Case VI

Movie Review: Exists

For many years, Bigfoot, or some version of the cryptozoic creature, has been a staple in films. The legendary Sasquatch creature has been portrayed as a bloodthirsty animal and also as a family-friendly “pet”. 296 more words