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To the lost soul who finds yourself here, with me, I apologise.

For those of you know have known me since my Xanga blogging days, you will know, that I have reinvented myself on the internet so many times, that even I have lost count. 231 more words

Teaching kids about being gay

We are slowly becoming a more welcoming, loving and understanding world. I honestly feel blessed that I was brought up in a time with more accepting people, who accept mine and others sexuality. 515 more words

"House of Paper"/Evolution in a Digital Era

Not all books owned come with the intention of reading. Some books can fill a house, but with little purpose other than decoration and as a reflection of how people want to be viewed by the outside world. 1,526 more words

Milton Behind the Story of Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost is definitely a book that I want to read again. I read this book in school first so my review will primarily be a history lesson on why this book became. 431 more words

How to learn about History

In  history we have discovered that there are different variations and interpretations of the past. We have learned the importance of thinking critically and effectively in order to take in what is accurate and how to disregard the rest. 976 more words

Adventures in Student Teaching: Week One

My student teaching placement in a second grade inclusive classroom at Midlakes Primary School has reached the end of its first week. It has been nothing short of a chaotic whirlwind filled with new backpacks, school supplies, and bustling children walking through the hallways to the classrooms they will spend the next 10 months in. 769 more words


Steps From The Finish Line . . .

Tuesday 6 September 2016

There are only 2 ½ weeks left of term, and I’m exhausted. The few grey hairs that I sported prior to term’s commencement have increased threefold at least. 993 more words

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