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My Takes On Marketing.

Marketing is a process of positively promoting a business’s brand,product or service. Its to teach consumers about the business and why they should choose a business’s product/service over their competitors, an easy way to do this is to find the correct method and to define the right method to use to influence and educate a business’s consumers. 675 more words

Working Away to Better Behaviour.. With the 'Did it!' book 

Terrible twos, a much dreaded phase by both parents and their toddlers alike, is a challenging period of time where the todds attempt to assert their independence and preferences rather explicitly. 577 more words

5 Things You Quickly Learn When Starting Photography

  1. Your camera will NOT always cooperate with you. It’s just a fact, sometimes you camera will capture the image different than how you envisioned due to issues with lighting and whatnot.
  2. 172 more words

So Wind Can Power Stuff Now

Wind Turbines provide electricity by capturing the energy of the wind. A wind turbine works by harnessing wind which is kinetic energy, and converting it into electricity, which is mechanical energy. 189 more words


Don't Try To Find Me...

Note: If you are reading this in Google Chrome, there may be info missing, as sometimes (I cannot figure why) numbers do not show in my blog posts on Chrome. 577 more words


My improved health: how I got here

A friend recently asked me what has helped me the most. I’ve thought about that vaguely from time to time, but this time I really considered what got me to where I am. 1,104 more words


The Danger of Refusing to Learn

One of the biggest problems we have yet to face is the failing of our nation. I often hear, and have said myself a few times, “We have to return to founding principles!”, and want to agree! 646 more words