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Stairs mean I'm not welcome - even if you disagree

Last night I went to an event and I arrived to find that the only parking was down the street, and the entrance had 3 stairs. 541 more words


Why You Need A Purpose In Life

Every human being should know that he/she was created by a supreme being whose name is Allah, and this creator as said in His book that:- “Did you think that We(Allah, that “we” is plural of majesty) had created you in play and that you would not be brought back to us?…”(Q23:116) 832 more words


Exercising freedom in exploration

As J2 grows more expressive, I thought it would be a good time to start him on some craft work. He did a previous piece of art work with some guidance from me and it is pasted at his bedside since it contains his favourite vehicles. 315 more words


Why Should We Respect Others Way Of Life

Sometimes in your life, you’ll meet someone you don’t like their ways. You have your own way and it contradict theirs. They are your family, so you’ll feel very separated and unsupported. 589 more words

What Is The Beginning Of Worlds Conflict?

The beginning of worlds conflict is Competition. Losing is the beginning of anger and self-pity, eagerness to compete more, to win the game; to the extent that you will even cheat just to win it. 336 more words

How To Protect Your Creative Mind Against Competitive Minds

The world is composed of two different groups of people. The creative minded people and the competitive minded people. Creative minded people are the people are faithful people. 785 more words

The government is voting to kill us

On the one hand I don’t want this blog to get too political. On the other hand, how can I not discuss politics when the government is talking about… 699 more words