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Research on Engaging and Educating VARs Using Incentives

23 Employee Motivation Statistics to Silence Naysayers The post Research on Engaging and Educating VARs Using Incentives appeared first on Loyaltyworks, Inc..

Helicopter teachers

Whether or not you have read my post on helicopter parenting…I think the research shows that “hovering” as parents is a no-no. It is so detrimental to kids and it is a travesty of justice for kids. 661 more words


"Emotional abuse is the worst abuse"

I recently saw a Facebook status where a girl wrote, “Emotional abuse is the worst abuse”. I commented on this status and expressed my opinion, and she deleted my comment. 442 more words


Using instinct to set limitations

Sometimes there’s no good answer to “Why can’t you do that?” It’s not as simple as “My doctor told me not to” or “I’ll be in too much pain.”  484 more words


Progress Over Perfection

I’ve always considered myself a bit of a perfectionist. I’m a first-born child and I fit the description pretty closely.

“‘Typical first-borns are approval-seeking missiles,’ says Grose.

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Feeling guilty for feeling better

These friends are some of the only people in my life who knew me before the symptoms began. They understand more than most. But some things are still so hard to explain. 469 more words


The Future for Unions

Unions are doing so many things right nowadays that one hesitates to make any suggestions. I enjoyed a recent posting by the International President of the AFSCME… 1,106 more words