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The birthday present

J1 shared with me last week that a school mate of his requested for a birthday present from him from Toys R Rus. I was taken aback as I thought that gifts were supposed to be given, not requested from. 324 more words

Personal Learning Journey

A Day In The Life

The sun is up, it’s a new day. The question is….what will today hold? A day with children, especially during the summer, can be complete chaos. 163 more words


Have you called your senator today?

In the chronic illness community, there seem to be two groups of people:

  • People in the U.S. who are terrified of losing their healthcare or of it becoming completely unaffordable.
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Stand tall, my poppy

Often times, you will read or hear people refer to gifted children as “poppies.” Why is that? Where did the term come from?

The story goes that there was once a general who had just conquered a new territory. 892 more words


There's no such thing as a quick swim anymore

When I moved to a new apartment a few months back, a lot of friends were excited for me that I now had a pool. They were a lot more excited than I was. 469 more words


The Future

I always thought I’d end up a writer. That washed out, unshaven neurotic prick on the convention circuit scribbling hollow words on the blank first page of a trashy fiction. 535 more words


E3: FOMO: The Fear Of Missing Out – Smart Phone and Other Tips to Overcome It – Sunday Night Live w/ Matt Sweetwood 

Episode #3 – 5/28/2017…

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