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Introducing: The Wilds of Williamstown

Williamstown is a picturesque New England town. It is also a culturally rich place, home to august institutions like Williams College, The Clark Art Institute, Images Cinema and, next door in North Adams, the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (otherwise known as MASS MoCA). 278 more words


Going public is like coming out over and over

Once upon a time, no one knew I had health problems unless I told them. Ok, that’s not entirely true. There were signs. It’s just that most people didn’t pick up on that signs, or I could shrug them off as an injury or something. 781 more words


Teaching Forms

So sparing no time I was out on the mat today and froze. I completely and totally forgot Tae Geuk 6 and the Master Instructor laughed at me. 389 more words


Starting from Midway

I started to study the martial art of Tae Kwon Do about 11 years ago. I made my first degree black belt, adopted two kids and then fell out of it. 310 more words



To anticipate is to know before it is known to all.  According to most it is to foresee the short comings in a business so as to not fall short in business. 423 more words


So how do you educate those around you about how you’re feeling following the death of a loved one and how they should treat you??? I chose to start with a Facebook post…strange, probably, but I have no idea how to approach it face to face, so this seemed easier. 592 more words