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What Does a Sexual Predator Look Like?

What does a sex offender look like? How does one ‘spot’ a molester or someone who is a potential threat to our child’s innocence? What are the ‘signs’ to watch for? 973 more words

Sexual Abuse & Violence

Mama Bear Problems

I was writing up a blog post for Sunday…all about not feeling “lazy mom” guilt for keeping my kids inside where the AC was blasting after a very busy weekend. 1,654 more words



On Monday 6th July 2015, the Holocaust Educational Trust’s annual ambassador conference was held in London. Survivors, Liberators, Ambassadors, Regional Ambassadors, students, teachers and educators as well as representatives from charities and journalists alike joined in in this amazing event which brings together hundreds of people who believe in educating about the Holocaust and its contemporary relevance. 1,717 more words


Building up on literacy...

Having subscribed to many FB forums on kids and education, one of which that is exceptionally encouraging is that of Preschool Resources. Today, a post by a fellow mummy Charmaine shared of a free online worksheet generator that creates worksheets on penmanship. 385 more words

Learning Environment

Student & Teacher: A Story of a Moorish American Molsem


  So often we have read many demonstrations coming from those claiming to be Moorish Americans placing self-entitlements of being a scholar, historian and teacher although many having no traceable lineage to any creditable teacher or appointment of being a true Moorish leader.  2,327 more words



The New York Times…and fuck David as well…

"Ramadan" Moorish American Moslems Honoring Our Own


As many within the faith of Islam following the prescribe customs of Al-Islam with the observation of Ramadan this month we Moorish American Moslems extend peace and blessings that Allah will be pleased with all your Good.   1,466 more words