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The classrooms, and students are changing...

I find myself so torn between the needs of current students and the lack of discipline and structure that so many students are getting away with.   102 more words


What should I tell my neighbors?

Usually disclosing my health status isn’t a problem for me. Usually. For some reason, this time it feels different.

After writing this blog for a while I realized that talking about this stuff felt freeing. 699 more words


Christmas opened my eyes this year . . .

When I began teaching, I really had no idea what I was doing. I am sure many veterans will admit this and agree with me when I say that teaching takes experience. 1,024 more words

a BOy To a mAn!!!

A boy to a man, but for a man where is the boy?

We forego our child as we grow and thus we see a naked tree that has lost its leaves. 271 more words


10 Things I Learned While Student Teaching

1. Teachers work days that are longer than 8 hours.¬†There is so much “behind the scenes” work that has to be done when you’re teaching. 872 more words


Missed Rites of Passage

This was the backdrop for our announcement. I said we were expecting, she was due to arrive on 12/23/16, her name and her age. Several of my smart mouth friends (who I love dearly) made comments about my womb size and how long I waited to give birth. 351 more words


Tourism and Disability 

I recently gave an interview to a local reporter highlighting some of the issues that disabled people face when trying to book holidays and plan days out etc. 518 more words