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Confidence: Lessons from Bowerbirds and Banksy

So there I was, paintbrush in one hand, wine in the other and on the easel in front of me, a blank canvas. I am far from an artist, very far in fact. 838 more words


"How to Sell"

My journey as an artisan began a few years ago when I developed a line of “Imaginative Playwear” for kids Infant-Size 6x. My product includes superhero and princess capes, masks, tutu’s, fairy skirts, magic wands etc.. 241 more words


Be in the moment: enjoy the eggsperiment

A casual Wednesday afternoon, stood in front of a class of teenagers roaring with laughter, covered head to toe in raw egg; this was one the highlights of my year as an NQT. 596 more words


My fertility isn't your business

Why do people keep trying to convince me that I’m able to have kids?

Ok, I know the answer. It has to do with them wanting to give me hope, them not wanting to see someone give up on something wanted, them not wanting to admit that they might also fail to have the children they want… them them them. 1,069 more words


Changing Seasons

As this semester is coming to a close and next week is the last week of classes before finals week, it’s beginning to set in that this is my last semester of undergraduate classes. 847 more words


The strangeness of "I could never do that"

Me: I don’t eat gluten.
Them: I could never give up gluten.

Me: I can’t jog or do any exercise.
Them: I could never stop exercising. 647 more words


Physical vs. cognitive: it's all connected, sometimes

I was chatting with a few people about my chronic illness writing when one mentioned a friend with fibromyalgia who also has some cognitive issues. She asked if chronic pain and cognitive problems could be related. 388 more words