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Love to Survive

by Wilfredo G. Villanueva

(An Open Letter to our daughters, sons-in-law, future sons-in-law)

We remember it well. One of you even peed in her pants. It was a horror house of scary dinosaurs. 1,462 more words

Philippine Government

Dangerous Cold Shutters Schools Across Missouri, Illinois

ST. LOUIS (AP)Schools are closing across Missouri as temperatures dip.

Winds chills of negative 15 to 30 degrees were forecast across parts of the state. 202 more words


How a 574-year-old school is preparing for a world without classrooms

What does a nearly six-century-old private school that charges $54,000 a year in tuition do when confronted with start-ups with bright ideas about how education should work? 600 more words


Genius Camp 2017-2018

In addition to doing Genius Hour with my 3rd-5th grade gifted students, I have been guiding 5th grade students through what I like to call, “Genius Camp” during our school’s weekly enrichment time for the past year and a half.  395 more words


Thought of the Week

Farming and ranching is MUCH MORE than a job.

-Zippy Duvall, President, American Farm Bureau


Writing a Great Article Review

We’re teaching a class on blockchain and cryptocurrencies this semester, and since the field is so new and changing rapidly, we’ve asked our students to make finding and reviewing articles part of their learning practice this semester. 504 more words


180 Days: Day 72–Don’t Lose the Plot

Writing with a clear main idea…what we English teachers preach for kids to do daily. But today I quit preaching and started showing and writing examples of clear thesis statements with them. 313 more words