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To Test or Not to TEST? STOP THE INSANITY NOW - great new web film from Michael Elliott coming SOON!

There is another powerful video coming soon that will seal the fate of the high stakes test movement in the United States. A Parent, a Teacher, and a Principal are interviewed in this amazing web film from producer Michael Elliott. 67 more words


The Personification of Pearson: Always Earning

By Lucianna M.  Sanson – Poetic Justice Editor and Blogger

My daughter was in Kindergarten when she first met Pearson. According to my daughter, Pearson was the bully that chased you around and around the playground until he finally got a grip on your blue denim jacket- and- with a mighty heave, stopped you dead in your tracks, spun you around, grabbed you by the collar, put his face right up close into yours, demanding not only your lunch money, but anything else you had in your pockets: coins, pencils, rubber bands, erasers, paper scraps, chewing gum, jawbreakers, even lint. 784 more words


Isn't it Time?

Isn’t it time to wake up
to shake off the sleep
the weariness
the dust of despair that keeps our
minds cluttered with meaningless crap? 167 more words


You Need A College Counselor

I often times joke that over-thinking is my super power.  So I have been using my super power to think about who needs a college counselor and why and putting these thoughts in a few manuals: for students; parents and families; K-12 school districts; and colleges & universities.   1,233 more words

College Access

Going the Distance

A few things happened this week that reminded me of some of the reasons why I may call what I do–attempting to close the achievement gap by interrupting the pipeline to college at multiple access points–my passion. 2,228 more words


Guest Blog: Continuing the Work

Hello Capstone Students! My name is Jaydra (that’s me in the picture below, 2nd from left) and I completed this Capstone course in 2010. The service learning I did at King K-8 was really the beginning of years of community work for me. 956 more words

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