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A Teacher's Tale in the Midst of the Terror in our Schools

Students’ active-shooter plan for teacher in wheelchair: ‘We will carry you’

Reprinted from Allison Slater Tate

Feb. 21, 2018 at 4:58 PM

Like teachers all over the country, Marissa Schimmoeller returned to her… 738 more words


Here's My Lesson Plan

Unchained and Free – My Life Lesson Plan

Unchained and free.
Liberated and alive.
Curious and full of wonder.

That is my lesson objective for the children. 154 more words


Let's Call it What it IS - Educational Apartheid

Please watch this short two minute video created by Michael Elliot  – 2 School Districts, 1 Ugly Truth.

In our fight for justice for ALL children, this inequitable funding machine has got to be taken down. 81 more words


The Genius of Luis Torres: How PS 55 Responded to the Charter Challenge by Mark Naison

One of the most brilliant and important achievements of PS 55’s visionary Principal, Luis E Torres, is that through innovative programming and a relentless public relations campaign, he has totally overshadowed the Success Academy Charter School co-located in his building! 228 more words


The Real Reason Your Child is Being Psychologically Profiled at School

In an article from May in the Wall Street Journal, Dr. Aida Cerundolo warned parents that public schools may be psychologically assessing their children without consent. 782 more words

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It is all happening so fast – how do we keep up with this “high stakes character assessment” scheme to take our children away from us and hand them over to the gods of the holy dollar? Many thanks to Emily for keeping up with this madness.

A Poem for Joan Kramer

In memory of our friend and dearest warrior Joan Kramer – may we all fight the good fight till the very end.

Tribute to the Warriors… 223 more words


Joan Kramer.

Yesterday I received news that I lost a friend I’ve known on and off since I was a teenager in Los Angeles.

We all lost Joan Kramer, a teacher, librarian, advocate, activist, photographer of her beloved Silverlake, daughter of radicals, opponent of injustice. 20 more words

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I lost one of my dearest friends yesterday - Joan Kramer. Here is her blog - http://turtlelearning.blogspot.fr/ Here is her fearless and relentless voice - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CC_DLLXXWIc Thank you Fred Klonsky for your picture. We are all in mourning. But she would want us to continue the fight - relentlessly. There will be a special edition of The War Report on Sunday July 2 to celebrate Joan's activism and to honor her.