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Important Research for our Schools - Study Unlocks Why Decrepit Schools Mean Poor Test Scores

Poetic Justice is reblogging a very important article written by Cornell Chronicle writer Susan Kelley about the research findings of Dr. Lorraine Maxwell. Please read and share with other concerned educators, parents, grand parents, and community members. 686 more words


Why Do I Teach?

How can I say “no” to them and walk away?

Last week, the dark child brightened up.
Yesterday, the angry child smiled.
Just today, the sad child laughed. 86 more words


A Lone Teacher Talks Back: An Educator on the Impact of Teacher Evaluation

As far as Poetic Justice is concerned, all metrics need to be eliminated from the evaluation process. This may be a radical thought in this age of teaching reform, but it is not a radical idea to those who are pure educators. 431 more words


Why Is You Always Got To Be Trippin'

Poetic Justice reblogged this on Poetic Justice and commented:

This is an amazing read. I have it on my Kindle. You can download it, buy it for your Kindle, or buy it as a book on Amazon. Must Read - for all of the teachers out there who have been through reform hell and back. Must Read - for all the parents out there to get a glimpse of what it is like being a teacher fighting against reform. Must Read - for all students who know there's something wrong and are searching for the truth. #ResistRefuseRevolt Thank you Ciedie Aech! ONWARD!

Warning Connecticut - They are coming for your school and your democratic rights!

Reblogged from Wait What? by Jon Pelto. Please read and contact your legislators here in CT. Please email your testimony by 8 am tomorrow…… This is a stealth attack on our children. 1,435 more words


Tribute to the Warriors

This is a tribute poem for a great warrior in the fight to save our children – Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. – and to all his radio show listeners and… 251 more words


“I feel like I kept walking away from a build site or from a long ride rejuvenated in my belief that people are inherently, deeply, amazingly good.”

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