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Professor Guy McPherson speaking in Whangarei

Professor Guy McPherson clearly and passionately advocates an urgent response to climate change. He will soon be in New Zealand touring with his Abrupt Climate Change: and Pursuing a Life of Excellence  53 more words

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Singaporeans Reading!

Hmmm…all the earlier talk about the end of reading (especially hardcopy books) seems to be greatly exaggerated…

Indeed, the National Arts Council (NAC) ran a survey involving more than a thousand people (citizens and permanent residents) 15 and above which showed otherwise. 111 more words

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An Interview Question! - GCE O Level English 2013 (Syllabus Code 1128) - Singapore

Wow! While doing research, I discovered that Essay Question 4 (Section C) in Paper One is effectively a question that comes flying out during job interviews… 37 more words

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Maggie (Thatcher) and New Conservatism

Perhaps I recall Homer Simpson call Margaret Thatcher as above…

But I digress, we would find below a partial precis (with commentary) of the Thatcherite years from 1984-87 from Veldman’s handy book. 404 more words

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Dividend Investing - Mark Lin (2011) - Part One

Full title and details: <Secrets Of Dividend Investors: The DIY Approach To Finding The Best Dividend Stocks> Singapore. Rank Books.

Notes: Dividend Stocks are classified with Real Estate Investment Trusts ( 610 more words

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Gorbachev and the Cold War

A rather succinct paper by a tertiary student from a useful online academic site (with free content!)

Rafal Nedzarek. (30 Jul 2012). A critical evaluation of Mikhail Gorbachev’s role in the ending of the Cold War. 7 more words

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