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The u.Lab free course is highly relevant to local food

Have you done a MOOC yet (Massive Online Open Course)? I have completed Otto Scharmer’s u.Lab course twice now, because it was so good. It is on again in September. 287 more words


A few resources for O Level English and A Level General Paper (Cambridge Administered)

The sites are as below:

Mr Seah (dotcom!) https://mrseah.com/

How to do well and score in English Language and General Paper.

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Possible causes of lower literacy

Poor Reading Skills Have Both Physical, Environmental Causes. (20 Jul 2001).

Precis: Neurological and environmental elements may be reasons behind reading challenges of young children.

Click here for the article.

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Financial Literary/Education - its value (or lack of)

I picked up this book because of one its chapters on the suspect value of Financial Education (FE which would be used interchangeably with Financial Literacy, FL) in this piece. 604 more words

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A-REIT: Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust and some background

I thought I would not look at REITs again. But in life, things change.

Let us take a look at the below:

Some things that pop out to me: 360 more words

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Richard (Rick) Levin - CEO/Board member, Coursera

Article review: Amit Roy Choudhury. (13-14 Feb 2016). Bringing knowledge to the masses. Singapore. Business Times Weekend.

Some notes…

  • Levin opines that the contemporary 20-year-old would stream through 13 to 15 employment positions in life…
  • 140 more words
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Airline safety


In the world of news, national boundaries have become next to meaningless…(and the pace of life is simply incredible.)

One Singapore Airlines plane (SQ 368) returned to Changi Airport at 650am this morning and its right wing exploded into flames. 182 more words

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