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Staying Enthusiastic As Higher Education Sickens

I know. My post’s title is morbid, especially coming on the heels of my previous post about the passing of my director and mentor. He would have appreciated the irony. 1,765 more words


The Reality of School Cuts if Initiative 42 Fails

People opposed to Initiative 42 like to speculate on the cuts other Mississippi state agencies may face if the Initiative passes, but they fail to see the cuts public schools live with everyday; cuts that are not speculative.  1,274 more words

Arizona Education Cuts Amount to a Tax on Women, Children, and Their Families

As a pastor in Arizona, I value one particular book very highly, but I have personally felt the power of education to improve lives. I received an outstanding public school education in my hometown in Ohio, I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, and I eventually earned a Master’s Degree. 928 more words

[Election '016 010] Agent of Chaos

Agent of Chaos


Rick Santorum, wearing an azure sweater-vest, sat down on his pyrite throne, clasped his hands together, and grinned. There was nothing the world could do to stop him from having the best day he would ever have, and everything about that made him giddy. 1,100 more words

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"Sam Brownback's Kansas Disaster Is Getting Even Worse": Conservative Policies Are Both A Moral And Practical Disaster

Politics is all too often couched in terms of morality and ethics, rather than simple right and wrong. What I mean by that is that reasonable people can come to different moral value judgments about ethical dilemmas: is it more moral to ensure that everyone has access to a social safety net even if some people game the system, or is it more moral to ensure that people keep all their private property and never have to give it up to someone less hardworking than themselves? 496 more words


"Emerging From The Ferment": The Real Irony Of Scott Walker's Messy Personal Finances

The finances of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker got a rather stern once-over from National Journal on Monday.

“Walker has two credit-card debts of more than $10,000 apiece on separate cards and is paying an eye-popping 27.24 percent interest rate on one of them,” the… 914 more words


North Carolina teacher assistant job cuts possible

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — Supporters joined Progress N.C. for a rally in Winston-Salem today fighting for teacher assistant jobs.

The proposed state Senate budget would eliminate approximately 8,500 teacher assistant jobs in North Carolina. 380 more words