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The Neo-Liberal Axe Falls Heavy at QUB

As the frenzied coverage of elections continues, we can reveal a snapshot of the brutal cutbacks that are planned to go ahead at Queen’s University, here Sam Price gives a run down of what is going ahead, and asks you to support the opposition to these plans. 727 more words

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The Trash Economy

In the trash economy, they even pay you for picking up trash.
You get fully state benefits, medical, and retirement. All
you have to do is vote! 1,378 more words

Kansas State programming student takes jab at Governor's funding cuts

MANHATTAN, Kansas – A Kansas State University student is making a political statement about Governor Brownback’s education cuts by using an online game.

George Walker, a computer programming student, modeled a game after the infamous ‘Flappy Bird’, called “ 84 more words


Bulk of Kansas higher education cuts coming from KU, K-State

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) – The Kansas Board of Regents says the bulk of Republican Gov. Sam Brownback’s higher education cuts will come from the state’s two largest universities and their affiliated programs. 95 more words


Staying Enthusiastic As Higher Education Sickens

I know. My post’s title is morbid, especially coming on the heels of my previous post about the passing of my director and mentor. He would have appreciated the irony. 1,765 more words


The Reality of School Cuts if Initiative 42 Fails

People opposed to Initiative 42 like to speculate on the cuts other Mississippi state agencies may face if the Initiative passes, but they fail to see the cuts public schools live with everyday; cuts that are not speculative.  1,274 more words

Arizona Education Cuts Amount to a Tax on Women, Children, and Their Families

As a pastor in Arizona, I value one particular book very highly, but I have personally felt the power of education to improve lives. I received an outstanding public school education in my hometown in Ohio, I was the first person in my family to graduate from college, and I eventually earned a Master’s Degree. 928 more words