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Smize, Selfies and other lessons from ANTM

This week I started teaching and in my STEP module I asked the students -cheekily- if they knew “what a ‘selfie’ was?” They are experts in selfies: after all, they are the Facebook/Instagram generation.  990 more words

Education For Sustainability

Sustainability is Not Enough: A Call for Regeneration

We are privileged to be alive at a pivotal moment in human history where all the settled assumptions of the last two centuries are up for renegotiation. 1,975 more words


How the Internet of Things changes education for sustainability

(or IoT4EfS)

Interconnectedness brings Big Data. Watch this IBM video on the Internet of Things so see a glimpse into our future, where the internet will be so much a part of our lives, it will seem to disappear (yes, really. 330 more words


Blended Learning - a campus to global trend

Have you only just heard about blended learning and now see this term everywhere in educational blogs or articles? (which as an aside, is known as the… 656 more words


Creative meet Green: Culture Change and Sustainability

What do creatives have to offer to the challenges of greener world? What can art do to promote sustainability? How environmental projects can include art and creativity?  1,238 more words

Aesthetics And Ethics

Final designs

North —>

This is the final design of my 2063 Sustainable Learning Space.

I used coloured pencil to add details, so you will have to excuse my average drawing skills. 1,640 more words


Why have animals at school?

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Considering the criteria of having a sustainable classroom, I believe that having animals that produce milk, eggs and manure and help reduce waste by eating scraps is a positive step. 148 more words