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“Cowabunga!”, I scream. I’m flying through the air, looking down at the water. I had just let go of the rope and I was purely happy. 383 more words

Education For Sustainability

The Wholeness of Learning

    Living in times where being “smart” is based upon ones ability to excel in the mental intelligence can be very disempowering for young individuals. The majority of educational systems on our planet favour subjects such as mathematics and literacy and use them to measure the overall intelligence of children. 437 more words

Education For Sustainability

Banana tree circle

A banana circle is a useful method to safe space, to feed chickens and to put the waste of your garden.

Bananas are planted by a two meter ratio, instead of planting them in strait line what a big production farmer might do, planting them in a square safe you space and time to water the plants. 129 more words

Education For Sustainability

Banyan Tree

In a small village outside of Ubud exist about six Banyan trees, tall trees that have huge veins as thick as my arm. These trees are very holy and are located mostly near temples and other sacred places. 230 more words

Education For Sustainability

Flora And Fauna of Kul Kul Farm

I woke up with a smile on my face.  It was another great day of 
adventure.  I quickly jumped out of bed with a start and ran to get ready 
for; not my first, not my second, but my third day of Earthbound. 532 more words
Education For Sustainability

Collecting Cultures

On Earthbound I was asked to put down on paper what type of culture that  I wanted to cultivate. At first I thought that this would be a simple enough exercise in coming up with a few different ways of “be nice and also try to get a lot out of Earthbound”.   231 more words

Education For Sustainability

Spirits In Bali

What do you think about ghosts? Do you believe in evil entities? Otherworldly apparitions that will drain your blood and posses your body should you leave your windows open in the night? 181 more words

Education For Sustainability