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Bra & Pollenzo: Settling into life in some small Italian town

After plenty of bureaucratic challenges, many doubts and all types of means of transportation, I’ve finally come to the Italian town Bra to settle for a period of at least 14 months as a student at the University of Gastronomic Sciences. 389 more words

The American education system is broken, for many reasons, but one main reason, as I see it, we are trying to hard…. Five year olds should not be doing math, they should be playing… Discovering life and friendship and sharing, or not sharing, sometimes life is not fair, that too is a good lesson to learn when your just 5 years old.

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Call to action: Professions Week 2015 is approaching

Author:  Sarah Hathaway

There is no denying the impact of the government’s new apprenticeship trailblazers – at last count there are over 20 professional sectors that have standards ready for delivery and over 40 that are in development, and that number hides a range of levels and specialisms. 365 more words

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The Valhalla Movement: media, consulting, crowdsourcing and education for sustainability

The media network the Valhalla Movement calls itself a ‘growing tribe of storytellers’. Its aim is to advocate ‘freedom culture’ and a global passion for sustainability, self-reliance and collaborative action. 415 more words

How do We Best Teach for Sustainable Development?

Now that we’ve established what sustainability is, or at least what it might be, it’s time to discuss how we best teach about and promote sustainable development. 940 more words

'You can't use media if you want to understand the world!'

This is a quote by Hans Rosling, the main founder of Gapminder.org. Using statistics in a humorous and easily understandable way you never thought it possible, Gapminder wants to be a ‘fact tank’ ready to fight ignorance and misunderstandings about the world. 395 more words