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3 Day Quote Challenge- Day 2

Thank you so much to PoojaG  for nominating me for this challenge who has an amazing blog that you need to check out!

Rules to be followed: 105 more words



Hai semuanya! Selamat Malam! ;)

Postingan kali ini masih mengenai buku, kali ini buku saya sendiri nggak minjem seperti postingan sebelumnya hehe. Jadi baca buku ini udah selesai cukup lamaaaa dan seharusnya pas lagi hangat-hangat di kepala buru-buru di posting tapi baru kali ini bisa karena alasan tertentu *eakk. 657 more words


Spirit of Success : Cerdas Mengolah Stress

Hai semuanya~

Kali ini saya mau mengambil salah satu bab yang menarik dari sebuah buku yang berjudul Spirit of Success karya Aris Ahmad Jaya, yaitu terdapat di bab 15. 780 more words


Starting Online Training on R Tool offered by MaxMunus Technology , INDIA

Overview of R Tool ::
MaxMunus provides Online Training on R Tool offered by Industry Leading Professionals , INDIA
Duration :: 35 hrs
Introduction and Overview of R Languages… 192 more words

Starting Online Training on INFORMATICA Technology offered by MaxMunus Technology , INDIA

HI , We starting new online training batches on INFORMATICA TECHNOLOGY. Kindly contact us to join
What is informatica
Its a ETL tool. It support all type of extraction,transformation and load activity.User can use any type of source to extract data.these process flow diagram known as Mappings.User can creat a session and assing the source and target connection in data base definition or file directory in case of files. 242 more words

Starting Online Training on APACHE SOLR offered by MaxMunus Technology , INDIA

Apache Solr
Apache Solr is an open source search server. It is based on the full text search engine called Apache Lucene. So basically Solr is an HTTP wrapper around an inverted index provided by Lucene. 237 more words

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