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How To Play Basic I-IV-V Rock or Blues Pattern in Any Key

Quick lesson to get you up and playing the I-IV-V Rock and/or Blues progression in any key, without the need to know music theory. We tune-up, I give an example of the progression, then show how to figure them out on your own, using the low-E string and power chords. 181 more words


Bossy R Phonics Song - The Farmer Has a Barn!

This song is more than a nod to Pink’s song “Try”, a great way to introduce and practice the bossy r sound /ar/. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for checking it out.

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Singing Lessons for the Learners to be Perfectionists

Singing brings a heart out. Be it happiness or sorrow, fear or grin, a song can build the ambiance perfectly and through singing a singer can reveal his or her mood and bake a perfect cake with emotions. 225 more words


Music Programs Perfect Way to Learn Music

Music is often regarded as the heart and soul for the music lovers round the globe. It is the coaching of a successful musical teacher that one can attain a successful Music Programs as a whole. 209 more words


Hozier sings 'Take Me to Church', or '...to Bed', for that matter

A couple of weeks ago, a student of mine asked if we could work on a song in class. With no hesitation, I exclaimed, ‘Of course! 450 more words


The Kodály Method

The Kodály Method

The Kodály Method, also referred to as the Kodály Concept, is an approach to music education developed in Hungary during the mid-twentieth century by Zoltán Kodály. 22 more words

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Música y lengua en el European Music Portfolio

Aunque de esto ya hace, he considerado oportuno escribir sobre un proyecto internacional en el que participé hace unos años en que se relacionaba la enseñanza/aprendizaje de lenguas y la música en Educación Primaria: el European Music Portfolio. 132 more words