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Ideal School of Music Learner

Learning to play an instrument can be helpful for your child because it will fine-tune her ears and enhance her skills that are required for social interaction as well as education. 267 more words


Importance of Music Programs in Children

Music is a very influential subject. It has been used since the ancient times for communication, healing, enjoyment and for relaxation. It can create deep emotions in humans and can connect your body and soul which ultimately improve physical and mental health. 309 more words


B.B. King - "Why I Sing the Blues" Blues Guitar Intro Demo with guitar tablature

This guitar lesson video shows how to play the blues guitar intro to B.B. King’s “Why I Sing the Blues” as played and recorded on the studio version off the album: “’69 Live and Well”. 77 more words


The Beatles: Till There Was You - Guitar Solo Demo with guitar tablature

This video guitar lesson is; The Beatles: Till There Was You – Guitar Solo Demo with guitar tablature below.

Please hit the “like” button on the youtube video and share it if you liked it! 60 more words


Early Rock - 50's Rock - Rockabilly style Guitar Solo Lesson lick-by-lick with tab

This video guitar lesson is how to play an Early Rock and Roll guitar solo in the Key of “C” and is shown at full speed and then note-by-note, lick-by-lick and includes guitar tablature. 112 more words


Here’s the Best Institution for Children to Learn Music

Why Should Children Learn Music?

During the formative years of children it is very important to nurture them with the best inputs that you can ever give. 351 more words