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The Significance of Music Program in Lives of the People

Definition of music: Music is a form of art which expresses itself in the form of sound & silence. Music mainly consists two parts, which is singing & playing of instruments. 343 more words


Free Bird - full solo guitar lesson at half-speed - with tablature

Learn how to play the guitar solo from the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic Free Bird. The guitar lesson is played at half-speed, and includes tablature.

Before You Download The Tab: I’m helping you learn these licks/solos/songs and lessons, and now I am asking you to please help me with a small PayPal donation, or stream my song Maxstrumental 6C for free using Apple Music, Spotify or rdio.com, or watch my video titled “Caroline’s Kaleidoscope Chill” below. 183 more words


Necessity of music education in the modern day

Music and its instruments have shown considerable improvements over years. It is a fact that in the traditional times music had very less provisions although in spite of that, maestros have successfully planted music on earth as a permanent aspect. 211 more words


How To Play Basic I-IV-V Rock or Blues Pattern in Any Key

Quick lesson to get you up and playing the I-IV-V Rock and/or Blues progression in any key, without the need to know music theory. We tune-up, I give an example of the progression, then show how to figure them out on your own, using the low-E string and power chords. 179 more words


Bossy R Phonics Song - The Farmer Has a Barn!

This song is more than a nod to Pink’s song “Try”, a great way to introduce and practice the bossy r sound /ar/. Hope you enjoy the video. Thanks for checking it out.

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