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CEA Executive Director: Charter School Transparency, Oversight & Fiscal Impact Need to Be Addressed

Charter schools in CT, intended as laboratories of innovation, have become a parallel school system allowed to play by a different set of rules than those that govern traditional neighborhood public schools — and that needs to change. 504 more words

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Camden Students Celebrate After Getting Second Chance At School

By Justin Udo

CAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) – Some high school students in Camden who dropped out or have fallen years behind in their studies get another shot at graduation. 134 more words


Is Asia The Next Big Business Education Market?

Currently Asia is considered to be the new huge source of growth for the world of business education. The economies of the entire region have already moved ahead of prominent western countries. 592 more words

Education News

Toughest question for Quiz Bowl team: How to pay for their trip to the finals?

There’s getting to the Quiz Bowl finals … and then there’s getting to the Quiz Bowl finals.

Qualifying for the event and arranging the trip are two different challenges, as high school students at a Crystal charter school are learning. 198 more words


University of Texas Fraternity Received Prior Party Complaints

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — An investigation into a University of Texas fraternity whose portrayal of Hispanics at a party offended students has been completed and no sanctions are forthcoming, a university official said Thursday. 425 more words


Local Student Chefs Compete To Get A Dish They Created On School District's Menu

By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Student chefs from three Philadelphia public schools competed Thursday for the honor of getting a dish they created on the district’s breakfast menu. 217 more words


Family Claims Principal Used Marker To Color In Haircut Because It Looked Gang-Related

LUBBOCK, Texas (CBS Houston) — It’s not uncommon for school administrators to regulate behavior or grades, but what about a student’s a haircut? A Texas mother is raising concerns after finding out an assistant principal drew on her son’s scalp to fill in the lines of his haircut. 299 more words