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Another big fat government lie: Brilliant analysis by Bill Courtney

Fact Checker: South Auckland Middle School Funding: Let’s have the real picture, Dr Brash

Former Reserve Bank governor, Don Brash, was the latest ACT Party figure to drink the charter school Kool-Aid and push the myth on charter school funding. 424 more words

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Neoliberal education is a system of trickle down power: let’s not be diverted by neoliberal stunts

Hekia Parata is making a flurry of pathetic education announcements because she can, and because she needs to: she can in the sense that the achievement performance of schools is good enough – courtesy of all the high stakes inflation provided by you (in a general sense) – so why not parade being on top and in control? 1,675 more words

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STA panicking over Richard Green challenge: also reference to Far North and Whangarei

Communities of Learning implementation

NZSTA regional executives are reporting significant issues for boards of trustees in all regions regarding the implementation of Communities of Learning (COLs). 316 more words

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Dear board of trustees and principals: At last, a genuine challenge to NZSTA leadership – real consultation and putting children first

This website with its 3000 readers knows well the outstanding work Richard Green has done in schools and for schools and pledges its full support to the exciting prospect of a NZSTA leadership that consults properly and puts the needs of children and schools first. 511 more words

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In 2008 an ironic quest for Trevor to be our Moses – in 2016 that posting just slightly adjusted

Trevor: as a Moses for the primary school education system, you failed us

Dear Trevor:

Best wishes for your aspirations to be a speaker; you will make a good one. 2,557 more words

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