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Yes – we are in an education mess

If these were different political times, in other words, Labour had been the government, the response to the research findings of a government-contracted firm declaring that something is very wrong with the level of education knowledge and skills of so many students going through to university would have been oh so different. 1,194 more words

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AIMS E-learning criticisms should fall on skeptical ears

Well, another May long weekend has come and gone, and for me the date marks an emergence of sorts. Over the past month I have run in an election, taken a group of students to the annual Nova Scotia Dramafest, and have wrapped up yet another high school musical. 1,339 more words

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Targeted funding allocation the same yearly amount as the asset attempt on Rangiora

As far as National education budgets are concerned, teacher organisations get what it costs the government to get them off its back.

That cost was obviously nothing, as the school allocation is going from $13.9 billion to $14.2 billion; a 2.2 per cent increase that fails to fund enough to keep up with school rolls – so a decrease. 545 more words

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The six introductory paragraphs to a post-election posting in 2008: how did I do?

National: Smoke and mirrors? Part 1

 This posting (Parts 1 and 2) will explain why Nationals heavy-handed ‘tail’ and assessment policies will not only fail in their specific objectives but also have a serious effect on an already tense and unsettled teaching environment. 827 more words

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Ladies and gentlemen: in the bout between Peggy and Hekia we have a winner

The commissioner in a newsletter said she had scoured the documents at Rangiora High School for proof that the school held titles under ‘High School Reserves’ and the Education Lands Act, 1949. 634 more words

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Decile rejig another nothing while appearing something

The ‘decile rejig’ (as it has been called by the NZ Herald) is another exercise in neoliberal atmospherics.  Relative to the near destruction, though, by that philosophy of New Zealand’s child-centred education system it is a fiddle-faddle. 559 more words

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Friends, senior students, teachers, parents, and the community of Rangiora: it begins

Out of nothing, injustice, psychological cruelty, gross actions, and immoral behaviour have occurred. It has been a display of deplorable human behaviour, and to the victim of that behaviour, a nightmare that plumbs the depths. 727 more words

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