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Hattie’s research is false: Vice-Chancellors asked to investigate Part 2

The falseness of Hattie’s research is not difficult to explain; only a few aspects are complex. But everything about Hattie’s research is false except for some opinions which, … 2,468 more words


Hattie’s research is false: Vice-Chancellors asked to investigate Part 1

5 April 2018                                                                                                   

 Pokai Tara                                                                                                      

The Vice-Chancellors                                                                                    

Wellington 6142

Dear Vice-Chancellors

To protect the good name of New Zealand universities, the professional integrity of schools, and the welfare of children, I ask the Vice-Chancellors of New Zealand to begin an investigation into the soundness and authenticity of John Hattie’s research – research involving 800 meta-analyses (now grown in absurdist fashion to 1,400), comprising more than 50,000 studies (now 90,000), and some 146 effect sizes (now 250), which provided the basis for the Hattie’s book, Visible Learning.  2,949 more words


The AIMS wolf is no longer simply at the door.

Last Thursday, I was one of about two dozen or so people who crowded into a room at the Halifax Public Library to hear a presentation by none other than Paul W. 1,279 more words

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Here I stand Part 5: Begins with Kathryn Ryan and tricky ERO: ends as the posting that couldn’t be published and a shattering revelation

  1. ‘The media, even an outstanding representative like Kathryn Ryan, never gets even close to the heart of it. Below I will describe how, two days ago, Kathryn Ryan was trifled with by the education review office – it was disgraceful but, to us in education who care, it is our reality.’ (Part 1)
  2. 2,293 more words

Here I stand Part 4: The education phenomenon that has had an even more baleful effect on education than the review office

The review office is the major structural reason why primary education is in decline, but there is a phenomenon that has had an even more baleful effect (unsurprisingly, it is directly connected to the review office in function and ideology). 1,349 more words


Here I stand Part 3: By a series of circumstances, the truth of education in a democracy was struck

The File and this writing is predicated on the main aim for school education in a democracy being to prepare children for life in a democracy and to support and protect it. 1,945 more words



I will be thinking of the teachers in West Virginia this weekend as they continue to strike for better teaching conditions. Their state has outlawed collective bargaining and job action (aka striking), but the teachers there are paid so little, and they have such enormous public support, that they’re wildcatting anyway. 151 more words