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Teachers Council approval required for all courses: These are your people and your policies NZEI

NZEI we don’t like your new friends or their policies; they are now your responsibility.

When NZEI (and the NZPF) became an adjunct of the ministry and deceived, betrayed trust, and bullied its members to support the government’s cluster plan that, for me, was it. 1,256 more words

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In cold blood: the Rangiora Horror Show Part 2

The principal asked: ‘Why have you stopped talking to me?’

And the reply: ‘I don’t know what you have done.’

And there is the terrible Kafkan truth of it: 3,649 more words

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Press Release from NZ First: Urgent Action Required At Rangiora High


New Zealand First is calling for the Auditor General and the Ombudsman to immediately begin investigations into the Ministry of Education’s mismanagement of the appointment of Rangiora High School’s Commissioner. 289 more words

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In cold blood: terror as an instrument of control in state education Part 1

The nature of government intervention in schools, either statutory or commissioner, perfectly fits Hekia Parata’s personality and the government’s philosophy. That personality and philosophy is expressed through the cruelties involved or perennially hovering; cruelties of Kafkan subtlety to breath-taking psychological brutality (though the latter is also to be found in Kafka); the lack of basic human rights; the manipulation of the judicial system (including using their insurance to drive principals into the ground); the use of the bureaucracies for manufacturing pro-ministry and anti-principal narratives (the media has a reflexive response of finding it hard to believe that the education bureaucracy lies – congenitally in this bureaucracy’s case); the structuring of how interventions are funded (turning the school against the principal through financial desperation and providing an incentive for managers and commissioners to elongate interventions); the personalities of some of the managers or commissioners involved (seemingly matched with schools for vindictive purpose); the process leading to two outcomes – the principal collapsing in a gibbering heap and resigning or making their day and standing by for ritual humiliation and disgrace; the trifling purposes for some interventions; the inefficiency of the length interventions; the way so many of the interventions become laden with personal vindictiveness; the way principals are treated falling well short of how a good employer should act (a lot of that in Part 2); the way interventions are part of the campaign against state schools and teachers, to advertise fault in them and to justify anti-state school policies; and the way interventions contribute to the environment of fear that pervades state school education making it malleable to government control. 1,975 more words

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Where are they now?

I took this photograph on 10th September 2015 at Keleti train station, Budapest as this mother with her child waited for a train to Germany. 23 more words

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2015 - A year of many big snows and one big "No".

Well, it’s late December again. It is that time of year when those of us who celebrate Christmas begin to turn our eyes away from preparing for the season to recovering from it. 1,335 more words

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Local paper weighs into Rangiora debate reproducing ministry media release

But all is not lost because the editor is declared to be fair by everyone I spoke to, so I don’t think we have another Southland Times on our hands. 1,931 more words

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