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If I was a principal I would vote against the Joint Initiative

It was fun to be on the Queen Street march with Ally Kroon and all the others, but it didn’t work out marvellously did it? Oh well, let’s keep at it. 990 more words

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Marlene Campbell: the Dreyfus case of New Zealand education


Marlene Campbell and her lawyers have smashed the government’s case in triumphant style.

The initial impetus for the Salford disgrace came from Anne Tolley’s office and her secretary in some association with Cameron Slater; all this at the height of the battle over national standards. 2,169 more words

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A bit more #flipthesystem stuff . . .

In summer 2014 Rene Kneyber wrote an article for Forum in  which he discussed the Flip the System project.  His article can be downloaded here – … 140 more words

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Making the case for a democratic professionalism in Further Education

There is an excellent blog called Dancing Princesses – in which colleagues in the FE sector are talking about, and doing, many of the things I have been discussing in relation to school teacher professionalism. 347 more words

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If you want to #flipthesystem - get organised

Today sees the formal launch of a new book – ‘Flip the system: Changing education from the ground up’.

It is a major achievement – a book edited by two school teachers, Jelmer Evers and René Kneyber, from the Netherlands who saw that education in their country was travelling in the wrong direction, and who wanted to do something about that. 815 more words

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NCEA Level 2 corruption: John Roughan, Herald, Pamela Stirling, National Radio, John Morris, TV3, PPTA, Manawatu Standard, Dominion, Michael Johnston … Uncle Tom Cobley and all

I had written a posting before Christmas saying that with the drop in UE results for NCEA, many schools would be organising quickies to boost their marks. 1,809 more words

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The bifurcation at Point Dot: the beginning of everything

The Education Council along with the Education Review Office are the principal means by which teachers and schools are being ground down. They are the means by which resilience is being taken out of schools, leaving them exposed to the worst excesses of authoritarian government. 1,350 more words

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