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Laura Walters and Simon Collins: wayward and biased reporting

Laura Walters should give up altogether, her writing spirals unobstructed by any semblance of originality below that which an intelligent 15 year-old could produce – there is a breathless, girl’s adventure quality to her writing, a hugely misplaced confidence, demonstrating a lack of any apprehension of the dross she is producing. 2,294 more words


A threshold timetable Part 1


National standards gone. Well – all-but. 

My principal and senior teacher already give me a pretty free rein. I’m going to go for it. 1,059 more words


What I want from Chris Hipkins (also Tracey Martin, Kelvin Davis, and Jenny Salesa)

First, I want to commend Chris on his brilliant ministerial beginning with the bold declaration of the abolition of national standards – followed up by the education comeback comment of the decade: 2,287 more words


A tribute to all those brave, brave principals and teachers who stood up for what was right

It was November, 2009.

In normal times websites like networkonnet should leave schools alone to survive the end of year, but these are not normal times – what has happened, and will happen, in the year’s concluding weeks will be decisive for the inevitably tumultuous and decisive events of next year. 997 more words


Do you pass the test for a leader under Labour? Part 2: My response

New digital curriculum a corrupt education disaster

Labour and the coalition have won the election, but now they need to act urgently to save our education system. 1,764 more words


Do you pass the test for a leader under Labour?

Where did the leaders go wrong in their responses (though they were pretty good as far as they went) as reported in a provincial newspaper on 20 October; responses that if asked of education leaders generally, would, I think, be characteristic throughout the system and explain to quite a degree why New Zealand is near or at the bottom of the Western world in international performance? 480 more words


The morning after and personal reflections on resistance (if you will forgive me)

The main instrument governments have used to dismantle public education is the education review office; it is the organisational apotheosis of the coercive neoliberal education ends. 1,849 more words

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