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Forum: for promoting 3-19 comprehensive education has now been in existence for 57 years. It was founded by Professor Brian Simon as a journal to promote the emerging comprehensive movement in education – challenging the damaging consequences of fixed ability thinking and its most obvious manifestations, streaming and selection. 363 more words

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Blood in the water: the review office goes into cover-up mode: it distorts, weaves, demeans, confuses, lies, and bullies Part 2

In Part 1, we described how grotesquely awry review office behaviour left a smallish seaside school shattered.

I want to make one thing clear, this posting is about a bad reviewer, even more importantly a bad review process that allowed, even encouraged her to be a bad reviewer, and enabled her to get away with it – it is not about a bad review. 3,719 more words

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Blood in the water: the education review office: terror by design: randomness, non-accountability, and infinite bureaucratic demand: Part 1

I received this letter from the now former chair of board of trustees.

Dear Kelvin

Your website has the following quotes:

1. ‘ERO made no judgements as to the merits of the complaint because that might well have contaminated it with the odd fact or two; the intention, I suggest, being to keep the complaint free of detail so the ministry could provide its own, to be magnified beyond belief, mountained out of a molehill, imaginatively reconfigured.’ (Posting on Marlene Campbell 2015)  5,130 more words

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And, a teacher shortage...

An obvious observation –

The last 6 or 7 years in public education policy seem to have been characterized by the following trends:

1) Tying teacher evaluation, hiring, firing, and teacher pay to student standardized test results. 188 more words

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If I was a principal I would vote against the Joint Initiative

It was fun to be on the Queen Street march with Ally Kroon and all the others, but it didn’t work out marvellously did it? Oh well, let’s keep at it. 990 more words

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Marlene Campbell: the Dreyfus case of New Zealand education


Marlene Campbell and her lawyers have smashed the government’s case in triumphant style.

The initial impetus for the Salford disgrace came from Anne Tolley’s office and her secretary in some association with Cameron Slater; all this at the height of the battle over national standards. 2,169 more words

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A bit more #flipthesystem stuff . . .

In summer 2014 Rene Kneyber wrote an article for Forum in  which he discussed the Flip the System project.  His article can be downloaded here – … 140 more words

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