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The government dismantling of public education: and reflections on resistance

This posting explores public education being in serious difficulty – largely because the government is intent on dismantling it. But was where we are inevitable? And a personal philosophy of resistance is referred to. 3,021 more words

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Terrific media releases: one from a teacher organisation, another from a political party

We have now had 26 years of Tomorrow’s Schools and in all that time, leaving aside national standards, no political party or teacher organisation has advocated a fundamental structural change; that is, one with implications for the philosophy of that system.  1,447 more words

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A heartfelt plea from one of New Zealand’s great principals

Thursday 13th April 2017

Kia ora Former Minister of Education Parata

Happy Retirement

I would like to wish you well for your remaining months in parliament and on into your next phase of your life. 1,926 more words

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In which Pooh looks for a 21st Century Education Part 3

In Part 2, Pooh, apparently disillusioned with his experience with a 21st Century Education, announced to Piglet that though he didn’t know what it looked like, he was just going to try and catch a Good Education because the century mightn’t matter. 1,871 more words

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NCEA: The Great Learning Robbery – the culprits: the government, editors and, in this instance, Simon Collins

NCEA rates slump at tiny Ngata Memorial College, but school averages improve

NCEA and national standards results are being manipulated in schools, and especially NCEA: the government knows, the media knows, everyone in schools knows (ask any student, they all know too) but why worry about it; the children from families with substantial social capital will shrug off the effects; too bad for the children without. 1,000 more words

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If Chris Hipkins can’t do it give it to Kelvin Davis Part 2

In many respects Kelvin Davis is more conservative than Chris Hipkins but Kelvin Davis listens and that is all we are asking.

What follows is a sincere attempt to suggest some ideas for a system’s education change to put the spark, cohesion, and drive into Labour’s education plans for primary education. 2,848 more words

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