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Falling in love with . . . Bologna #settantessimo

When I was young lots of people I knew used to talk about Bologna. It was mostly talk about politics.

Despite the talk, I never visited and it wasn’t until late last year that I visited for the first time.  548 more words

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Hattie’s research: Is wrong Part 2

This posting is the second in the series about the Hattie’s research being wrong.

But how to get at that research?

Hattie’s claims for it are so gigantic and, I believe, so wrong as to represent a wrongness so overwhelming as to provide a defence in itself of near apparent impregnability. 2,056 more words

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Hattie’s research (egregious errors): Is wrong Part 1

The egregious errors that beset John Hattie’s research are so pervasive as to prove difficult to encompass and thus lay bare – but various insights local and international are at last coming together to achieve just that. 3,213 more words

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What the media refuse to acknowledge about the scandal that is NCEA

With internal NCEA, virtually any child who manages to turn up with some regularity and display a modicum of interest will get through. The education system and secondary schools are gaining recognition on the degree of gall they are willing to show in getting children through internal NCEA. 2,037 more words

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Loughborough Education Question Time - making the education debate public

On Friday 20th March I participated in an Education Question Time at Charnwood College in Loughborugh. The participants were Christine Blower (General Secretary of the NUT), Nicky Morgan (MP for Loughborough and Secretary of State for Education), Matthew O’Callaghan (Labour Party PPC for Loughborough), Carol Leeming (community poet and artist), Samantha Pancheri (Green Party Education Spokesperson) and myself. 111 more words

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Some thoughts about Redcliffs, Parata, and the drive to gigantism

The arguments about why Hekia Parata is so intent on closing Redcliffs School are swirling as they always do when Hekia and the ministry are making decisions about whether a school lives or dies: are the reasons financial or ideological? 1,353 more words

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NZPF No: 1175 Denise will be a great leader within Egypt; not a legendary one to the promised land

I had hoped in an earlier posting that Denise Torrey would be our Moses but, on the evidence of the latest newsletter, while she is going to be terrific, she will not be our Moses. 858 more words

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