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Communities of Schools: an email dialogue between a principal and NZEI (Part 2)

The principal’s initial email was to Graham Jones; then Stephanie Mills came into the picture: a senior NZEI staff member – experienced, high-minded, and intelligent – who can be observed doing a good job in relation to a near indefensible situation. 2,324 more words

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Controversial posting about Communities of Schools (Part 1)

(Part 2 will be an email dialogue between a principal and NZEI)

The real purpose of the Communities of Schools is to aggregate schools for ease of government control and propaganda. 1,233 more words

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Communities of Schools based on a monster Parata lie: Don’t sign to it

There arrived this morning a forlorn one line from a teacher in an Auckland leafy suburb school.

Dear Kelvin

NZEI knew the agenda but seems to have given up attempting to defend the members. 866 more words

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The Herald buckles to another Parata Big One

Proving the Herald buckled in Hekia Parata’s favour over the Kirsty Johnston front-page article on early childhood education is fish in a barrel – but, except for Kirsty Johnston, does it matter whether or not the ministry influenced the final education review office report? 1,168 more words

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Honourable Minister tells a Big One, and in the House

Education should be an activity in which everyone takes the greatest care with the truth; the teachers and children of New Zealand deserve nothing less. Does the Honourable Minister pass that test? 1,427 more words

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21st century education has come to mean an education system organised for success on the basis of widespread cheating

Twenty-first century education in New Zealand has come to mean an education system organised for success on the basis of widespread cheating: the minister of education knows it, but won’t, of course, acknowledge it; principals and teachers know it, but are understandably unwilling to confess it; the Qualifications Authority knows it but daren’t move to act on it; a few government-aligned academics will beat-around-the-bush with it as though their next contract depends on it; the media, except for the Listener and with glimpses, the Herald, reveal it, but don’t know where to take it; and the PPTA now coyly refers to it, but accuses the government of being to blame for it. 1,889 more words

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The bully must go

What the ministry has announced today should mean Hekia Parata resigning as a minister of education.

She is unfit to be a minister of education. 592 more words

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