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Whatever happened to Extended Schools? A question at the heart of education

Peter Moss.

The question in the headline is the title of a new book published by UCL IOE Press. It’s written by Doug Martin and based on research in four North of England schools and communities. 791 more words

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Students, faculty decry Nortep cuts

Students from the Northern Teacher Education Program Inc. (NORTEP) protested in La Ronge and Regina against Saskatchewan government plans to cut funding for their institution, which has trained northerners as teachers for the north for 40 years. 522 more words

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Hekia drew a line

The big shake-up in education has resulted in a big shakeup for Hekia Parata. She drew a line and refused to proceed in the manner set by John Key, Bill English, and Stephen Joyce. 1,043 more words

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'We need to be sure that this is not change for change’s sake': the politics of a school curriculum overhaul

The first in a series of planned education system changes was unveiled Tuesday at an Edmonton high school, in the form of an online survey to get the ball rolling on a curriculum overhaul. 364 more words

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Talking Politics in the Classroom 

Discussing politics or controversial social issues with students can be challenging. Educators want to engage students in these “hot button” topics but can find themselves walking a fine line, particularly when their school system opposes these types of conversations in the classroom. 290 more words

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President Obama Highlights Education Policy Achievements

President Barack Obama came into office promising to stem the decline of public schools and to implement reforms that would set all students on the path to success. 634 more words


After all, who am I talking to who can do anything?

Reflecting on the children of the poor posting I realised it was pretty good; might even be the best I’ve written.


In my younger days I would have polished off something of that length by lunch, this posting took me to tea and an edit next day. 849 more words

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