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What's a "Microcredential?" No one seems to know, but everybody wants them.

We don’t teach teachers to teach in the manner that we know learners learn. It reads like a typo, but the problem is as simple as that. 2,832 more words

School Reform

Maori plan is egregious education and aberrant democracy

This situation with 21st century curriculum development is unconscionable: we have the 2008 curriculum; the ministry mainly ignoring it and making it up in the name of national standards and controlling teachers; the education review office doing the same but imposing it in trash-talk style; the private providers adding their twist to it; and the Education Council coming in over the top with more regulation and bureaucratic procedures – and no one speaking up for teachers. 1,213 more words

Education Policy

It's time to make MCPS choice programs more equitable, too

As Montgomery County’s schools resegregate by race and class, special “choice programs” (including magnets, language immersion programs, and the Northeast and Downcounty consortia) designed to create advanced learning opportunities and integrate schools aren’t working. 644 more words

School Equity

Compare the Candidates on Education Issues

July 15, 2016

Compare the Candidates: Where Do Clinton and Trump Stand on Education?

The presumptive Democratic nominee for president, Hillary Clinton, and Republican nominee Donald Trump have yet to release comprehensive K-12 policy plans. 221 more words


Australian school bans clapping, tells students to conduct 'silent cheers' at assemblies

There are many things children cannot do at certain Australian schools.

One school outlawed hugging. Another prohibited singing Christmas carols. Another has removed the word “black” from “ba ba black sheep.” And now — clapping has been banned. 338 more words


Performing data

‘Performance information’ in the Scottish Government national improvement plan for education

Ben Williamson

At the end of June 2016 the Scottish Government published a major national… 1,554 more words

'Summoned back to work': Turkey bans all academics from foreign travel, teachers abroad ordered to return

Turkey on Wednesday banned all academics from leaving the country and cancelled their annual leave as President Tayyip Erdogan’s post-coup crackdown escalated.

Teachers were forbidden from travel abroad on any work-related trips and those currently overseas were ordered to return. 453 more words