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Sneering at adult learners - why do we let them get away with it?

Adult learning is in crisis across the UK. While demand appears to be as high as ever, and the wider public case is as strong as ever, all four governments are busily cutting direct and indirect funding for provision. 644 more words

Lifelong Learning

How does technology in the classroom affect the role of teachers and their relationships with students?

At the London Festival of Education, Bryn, a secondary school teacher of science, wanted to know how technology might impact on the role of teachers.  Will computers take over some of the delivery of content so that teachers can focus on building learning relationships with their students? 75 more words

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Question: Why Aren't Teachers Paid More?

This is the question raised by Casey Quinlan, an education reporter for ThinkProgress, after watching the very funny Key and Peele “TeacherCenter” skit. I for one am happy with my salary… mo’ money mo’ problems, right?: 152 more words


Marlene Campbell: the Dreyfus case of New Zealand education


Marlene Campbell and her lawyers have smashed the government’s case in triumphant style.

The initial impetus for the Salford disgrace came from Anne Tolley’s office and her secretary in some association with Cameron Slater; all this at the height of the battle over national standards. 2,169 more words

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For a National Education Service

Jeremy Corbyn, who is standing for the Labour leadership, is the first leading politician to advocate a National Education Service as far as I know. 1,195 more words


Teaching Applied Writing

How to teach college writing? – that’s the question I found myself trying to answer before the start of the fall semester at The University of Akron, my first time teaching at the college level. 789 more words


Why 9th Grade is the Pivotal Year for Dropping Out of High School

By Holly Korbey

KQED Mind/Shift June 30, 2015

The transition from middle school to high school is a big one, perhaps bigger than appears at first blush: Not only do students’ academic workloads increase, but simultaneously, so does their independence and responsibility. 1,415 more words