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West Lothian Schools Higher Grade "Adjustment" Analysis

We are now in that period of the 2020 exam fiasco where we all look back and wonder “just how on earth did they think they could get away with that?”, recently the SQA published the full list of adjustments made to Higher grades in Scottish Schools. 1,661 more words


The Lost Year Fallacy

The first time I learned about the 1918 flu pandemic—in school, probably junior high history or civics class—I came home and asked my grandmother (who lived with us) what she remembered about the great flu pandemic. 681 more words

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A 120-Second Analysis of the National Education Policy - 2020

There are 7 Indian-Americans on the Forbes list of 400 richest Americans making them the most successful ethnic group in the United States of America. This makes one wonder how the same people that went through the same schooling system but pursued their higher education in the United States or settled there afterwards can have such drastically different fates. 346 more words

An Opportunity to Step Back

2020 has been an interesting year, as it has required many people who were never all that engaged in the current conversation of public education reform to start to really look at the institutions of schools in America and ask some pretty critical questions. 1,735 more words

No More Debates. For the Good of the Country.

It’s been another tough week in Teacher Land. My music teacher buddies in Michigan are writing about coming inside from the cold, after a few weeks of humming softly in a circle on the grass, playing ukuleles or meeting under a canvas canopy with tubas and flutes. 868 more words

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Free College: Progressive, Revolutionary, and Wildly Impossible

With the election right around the corner, I have been taking the time to actually inform myself on each candidate’s positions on a deeper level than headlines and click bait statements. 1,574 more words


When I was a junior in HS, my American History teacher was in a serious car accident in the fall, and did not return to teaching. 961 more words

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