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Kansas Schools Shut Down Early to Pay for Tax Cuts on the Rich/Corporations

© Josh Sager – April 2015

Earlier this month, it was announced that two Kansas school districts would be shutting down early this year simply due to budget shortfalls. 852 more words

Partisan Policy

The Charter Bus

I’ve taken to comparing the charter school movement to the movie “Speed.” I think it’s apropos. We have a vehicle; education, that routinely delivers citizens; in this case students from point A to point B, or from ignorance to enlightenment. 1,500 more words

Charter Schools

Exploring the education manifestos for this election.

This blog is part of a series looking at education policy in the run up to the British general election on the 7th May.

This blog aims to tell you the manifesto pledges of the 5 main parties in England (sorry Wales, Scotland and Ireland). 1,556 more words

Schools, Character and Justice

Schools cannot teach character while we perpetuate injustice.

I’ve just read some fab posts on teaching character: Summer Turner’s nuanced piece challenging the view that character is superior to knowledge in ‘real life’ and  896 more words


Early Career Teachers

New and beginning teachers often struggle in their early careers. The literature tells us this, new teachers tell us this. So what is being done to support new teachers? 168 more words

Career Education

The Brain’s Empathy Gap

March 19, 2015 The New York Times Magazine

By Jeneen Interlandi

Nyiregyhaza (pronounced NEAR-re-cha-za) is a medium-size city tucked into the northeastern corner of Hungary, about 60 miles from the Ukrainian border. 5,788 more words


How to demolish the oligarchy in 3 easy steps - Salon.com

via How to demolish the oligarchy in 3 easy steps – Salon.com.

Demolish the oligarchy? Worthy objective this is, indeed, but I’m not clear Michael Lind accomplishes that with his prescription.   1,818 more words

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