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Here I stand: Part 5 Begins with Kathryn Ryan and tricky ERO: ends as the posting that couldn’t be published and a shattering revelation

  1. ‘The media, even an outstanding representative like Kathryn Ryan, never gets even close to the heart of it. Below I will describe how, two days ago, Kathryn Ryan was trifled with by the education review office – it was disgraceful but, to us in education who care, it is our reality.’ (Part 1)
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A new focus on adult skills in Germany?

Inside Germany, news of the coalition agreement was met more with grudging relief than enthusiasm. It followed an election in which both main parties haemorrhaged support; for the Christian Democrats, the outcome probably spells the beginning of the end for Angela Merkel’s long period of political dominance, while the Social Democrats’ loss of support is starting to look existential. 398 more words


High school counseling and individualized plans are key to student success

Note: This is my entry to the Thomas B. Fordham Institute Wonkathon contest.

   Exactly two years ago, March 2016, I was in the trenches as a high school special education teacher. 1,082 more words

Here I stand Part 4: The education phenomenon that has had an even more baleful effect on education than the review office

The review office is the major structural reason why primary education is in decline, but there is a phenomenon that has had an even more baleful effect (unsurprisingly, it is directly connected to the review office in function and ideology). 1,349 more words


Research Roundup, Feb 2018: More data on charters and school re-segregation

Two new studies came out last month that add to a growing body of literature suggesting that charter schools contribute to school resegregation. The first… 958 more words

School Segregation

On paying college athletes, no.

By ann summers

I tend to watch college sports on television because the promotional video for the institution usually shown around halftime is more interesting in terms of representing the institutional identity. 992 more words


The Change Chronicles: Part 2

Bill of Goods: as a phrase, has two meanings. The less common is a delivery of goods, a consignment. The more common definition is something that is knowingly presented in a false way, usually with the intent to deceive or gain something by the trickery.

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