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It’s personal. As a baby-boomer product of a well-funded and quite competent suburban public school system, and having taught for years at a private for-profit prep school for the kids of old money, and the kids of young professionals who just become relatively rich, with a few minority scholarship students tossed in for a bit of token diversity, it was easy to see that that education in America is a bit of a mish-mash. 3,035 more words

Cognitive Framing and Its Theoretical Implications for Tuition Fee Policies in England

 October 2016


Ben Alcott



This working paper seeks to contribute to the study of university access in England by analyzing the predominant theoretical conceptual frameworks – human capital and habitus – and then suggesting a supplementary avenue of inquiry. 24,040 more words

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Reading is Knowledge

We shouldn’t confuse skills with knowledge 

One of the most discussed topics in education today is that of the so-called ‘knowledge curriculum’. Its most famous proponent is E D Hirsch, who has written extensively on the subject. 798 more words

Effective Practice

The mountain and the mole hill

Ah, reporters…ya’ gotta love ’em.

This week, CBC reporter Jean Laroche broke a story about the behaviour of some teachers during the current Work to Rule campaign. 1,269 more words

Public Education

Zwaagstra: Ghosts of flawed teaching techniques threaten to haunt Alberta classrooms (with poll)

By Michael Zwaagstra

Never underestimate the staying power of a bad idea. Nowhere is this truer than in the field of education policy.

Education gurus come up with new ideas, temporarily retreat from them when they prove to be a flop, and then rename them and try again with a new crop of unsuspecting teachers and principals. 657 more words


Dean Teske Again Ranked Among Most Influential Education Policy Academics

Paul Teske is once again ranked among the most influential education policy academics in the annual “Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings.” Compiled by American Enterprise Institute director of education policy Rick Hess, the rankings recognize 200 university-based scholars who shape public discussions of education. 94 more words


Liberal Arts Education and Hope

In the midst of the vitriolic political discourse the United States is currently facing, there rages a debate as to the purpose of education generally and higher education specifically. 403 more words

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