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Where are the Unions Going?

                As I was going through my email this morning, I saw an announcement for a speaker from the Food Chain Workers Alliance. I have been thinking, off and on, for some time about alternatives to the traditional labor union structure that we are currently saddled with, and which is being driven into the ground by the relentless forces of greed. 478 more words

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So about that...

So in my last post, I was really frustrated. And I still stand behind it.  But we got $60K awarded to our school, so I’m pretty stoked! 339 more words


Why Is My Child Failing Math?

A lesson in why education policy affects everyone

Yesterday, I had some friends over to work on decorations for the upcoming book fair at our elementary school. 2,172 more words

Education Policy

Evaluation as a Management Tool: Interview with Silvia Montoya

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An Interview with Silvia Montoya (SM) by Ariel Fiszbein (AF)

Ariel Fiszbein interviews Silvia Montoya, the new Director of the UNESCO Institute of Statistics, about her experience as Director in charge of evaluation in the Ministry of Education in the City of Buenos Aires, the lessons she learned about learning assessments and education statistics, and her expectations about her new job. 2,241 more words


Have your say on changes to scholarships program

The B.C. Ministry of Education is seeking feedback on how to change the provincial scholarship and awards program.
Each year, more than 20,000 individual awards worth $15.6 million are given to students in B.C. 73 more words

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Letter: Yves Bolduc is reducing bloated bureaucracy in the school system

Re: “Couillard’s ‘Bolduc rule’  ” (Don Macpherson, Feb. 24)

Even though Education Minister Yves Bolduc has missed the mark concerning library books and strip searches in schools, he is right on track with his idea of school board mergers to reduce the bloated bureaucracy in our school system. 63 more words



“Accountability” as a term to describe restorative justice.  The idea/definition of accountability are counter to how we think/talk about justice.

Accountability: required to explain actions or decisions to someone… 301 more words

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