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Himachal Student movement forces BJP government to roll back anti-student semester system

The consistent mass-based and militant student movement of Himachal Pradesh has forced the BJP government to roll back the semester system in the colleges of the state. 776 more words


Allison Hanes: Study shows many Quebec daycares are failing our kids

For working parents, there is nothing more important than leaving our kids in good hands when we drop them at daycare to head to our jobs. 998 more words


Chris Hipkins is Peter Fraser to our time, Iona Holsted and Katrina Casey are our Clarence Beeby (can you hear the gods laughing?)

This posting starts off in one direction, only to head in, perhaps lurch to might be more accurate, another. But it is held together (hopefully) by my judgement that Chris Hipkins lacks depth of feeling veering to milksop, and my having too much veering to ill-judged temper. 1,105 more words

Education Policy

Rough Book and 3 Idiots

Here is a story you shouldn’t miss. Rough Book is a movie built somewhat parallel to the theme of the movie 3 Idiots and has some common reflections on commercialization with the Nana Patekar movie, … 546 more words


Does it matter if some can’t read?

Although nearly everyone would subscribe to the ideal of universal literacy, there are plenty of pragmatists in education who believe that in reality, we must accept that a certain proportion of students will leave school illiterate to some degree – that is, reading well behind the norm for their chronological age. 779 more words

School-wide Literacy

Who is accountable now that boards are gone?

There is a rather odd melody playing through my head these days. It is the theme song from the early 80’s blockbuster, Ghostbusters, and contains that rather repetitive phrasing “Who ya’ gonna call?” 809 more words

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Quebec boosts funding to universities, deregulates foreign tuition

QUEBEC — The province’s university network is getting a $1.5-billion funding boost over the next six years plus the power to set their own tuition rates for foreign students. 564 more words