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DfE response about the schools national funding formula.

I wrote to the DfE recently, pointing out that the largely urbanised model the Government continues to use in calculating school funding penalises schools and pupils in deprived rural areas, such as East Fenland in Cambridgeshire, to quote one example. 531 more words


Is the Rangiora commissioner disassociated from reality?

I am referring to an item in the Christchurch Press (March 26, 2017) headed ‘Government intervention at Canterbury’s Rangiora High School to end this year, report says.’ 1,157 more words

Education Policy

Interview with Educator and Teacher Mentor, Viviana Montoya-Hernandez Torres

For the inaugural interview, I interviewed someone who is a model educator and has a contagious love of education that inspires others to be intentional with their work and to always approach teaching from a place of love. 3,069 more words

Why I decided not to teach and how the leaders in public ed are changing my mind

I always thought I wanted to be a teacher, but the more I explored the profession and the systems that surround it the more I changed my mind. 749 more words

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Why Carney’s administration should stay the course on school report cards

Governor Carney and Delaware’s Department of Education are about to make it easier for Delaware families to know how their schools are performing. But only if groups such as Delaware’s teachers’ union (DSEA) are not able to impose their will behind the scenes. 1,094 more words


No, School is Not a Personal Investment

For years and years, I’ve been resisting the idea of getting a Twitter account. No matter how many times a coworker has told me I should be on Twitter to participate in professional “chats” or how many hilarious… 1,482 more words


Are report cards still relevant?

Now that teachers in Nova Scotia have returned to the classroom after a well deserved March break, the phrase “the new normal” is on the minds of many. 1,250 more words

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