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Social inequalities in access to teachers

Social Market Foundation Commission on Inequality in Education: Briefing 2




April 2016

The quality of teaching is the most important school-based determinant of educational… 115 more words

Education Policy

To Test or Not to Test? That is the Question

By Bill Waychunas – “Because I said so.”  No words that a teacher (or parent) ever wants to utter. That’s how I felt as I pathetically begged my 9th graders to do their best on a recent PARCC test, which is the newer, more rigorous, common core version of standardized state assessments. 749 more words

In Case You Were Wondering...

The New Traditionalism: Kodaly and Hirsch Compared

In my ‘About the Author’ page, I stress the excellence of my academic qualifications to show that I am not attacking a system that has hurt me in an obvious way. 1,258 more words


Psst...Wanna buy a bottle of air?

“Maybe the whole world has gone mad.”

This rather succinct summation was how education historian and public school advocate Diane Ravitch rounded out her consideration… 1,252 more words

Public Education

ESSA Implications for Latinos and English Learners

By Dr. Christopher R. McBride, Mariposa Academy of Language and Learning

Latino students represent one of four students in classrooms across the United States and are projected to represent about one in three students by 2030. 563 more words

English Learners

Sneak Preview: Examining Tested - Challenging the Fundamentals of Standardized Testing

Excerpt: “The film provides background on the high schools and the SHSAT through statistics and sleek graphs interspersed with clips of the interviewees. These glimpses of students attending school, doing homework, going to crowded test prep centers, and singing or playing video games in their free time gave the Wellesley audience a feeling of solidarity and for me personally, nostalgia. 191 more words

Stronger by working together: Lessons on what makes for effective collaboration between schools in Wales

By Robert Smith

Allowing practitioners to design and lead change in the school system is increasingly the way that successful systems across the world are approaching educational reform. 693 more words