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School Segregation through Illustrations

Integration of public schools in the United States was supposed to take place more than 65 years ago. Brown v. Board of Education in 1954 declared that the segregation of schools was unconstitutional under the 14th amendment and that children of all races should have equal access to education. 473 more words

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The Attack on Canada's Schools

I have recently written a book entitled “The Attack on Nova Scotia Schools”, which should (finally) be available for purchase in March.

Now, in the name of full disclosure, I didn’t have much choice in the title. 1,024 more words

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The Importance of Institutional Accreditation

January 24th, 2020

The first step in evaluating non-U.S. academic documents is to determine whether the institution where the studies were completed is recognized and approved by the education authorities in the country, which in most instances is the Ministry of Education. 464 more words


Hanes: School libraries are breaking the code of silence

Psst! You don’t have to whisper in the library anymore.

At least not at Nesbitt School, in the heart of Vieux-Rosemont.

While classes still come to check out books, they also visit to build things with LEGO, play board games, do group work and experiment with technology. 970 more words

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Opinion: Preparing our students for the climate future

News headlines in 2019 highlighted two important trends: First, that the effects of climate change are no longer matters of some distant future, they’re happening now. 625 more words

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Doctoral Proseminar: An Introduction to Big Issues in the Field of Education

This post contains all of the material for the doctoral proseminar — Introduction to Big Issues in the Field of Education — that I taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Education for the last four years. 3,581 more words

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Why is Education Policy?

Philosophy of education policy can be understood as the study of stated and unstated rationales and objectives of all the stages of an education policy, from conception to post-implementation. 1,422 more words