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Prairie schooners and paradigm shifts -- Guest Opinion

In our Senate Education Committee last week, Steve Buckstein of the Cascade Policy Institute shared a humorous video from a student who is currently being educated in a home school setting. 61 more words

Oregon Legislature

Lacking Common Sense

By Tom McLaughlin ~

The young woman looked nervous as she knocked on the window of my classroom door. “Excuse me, class,” I said as I stepped out to speak. 872 more words

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It was 20 years ago today...

Republished from Written and Noted

Amnesia can be wonderful thing, especially in politics. To listen to  John Kennedy, one may think that of course, the teacher pension problem is about poor planning. 168 more words


Quebec launches ambitious but vague academic success policy

Quebec City — The provincial government is launching its very first academic success policy, which outlines ambitious goals, but remains vague on how to achieve them. 187 more words

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This election was about education too

Lots of focus has been put on the young vote and the old vote. The older vote might have been scared away from the Tories by their initial ideas on social care, so ably characterised as a ‘dementia tax’ by commentators. 505 more words


This is the moment for decisive action against CoLs Part 3

In third world countries, locally-based and collaborative structures can be educationally, socially, and politically potent. In technocratic, affluent, individualistic societies, however, collaboration, in the way it comes out in practice, seems to lead to schools becoming subject to an extension of hierarchical lines of control. 697 more words

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This is the moment for decisive action against CoLs Part 2

While what follows may look somewhat distant from the content of Part 1, the intention is to embolden one of the teacher organisations to act decisively against communities of learning (government-imposed local institutions) by looking back so that mistakes of the past are both corrected and not repeated. 1,204 more words

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