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The Tyranny of School and our Accursed Deceit

A Fable…

Confronted with the vast, endless choices of winding roads, the boy became exhausted. He realized that none were straight and none lead upwards to the blue sky and the stars beyond. 1,114 more words

The Cool Teacher Ain't Really All That Cool

“Y’all doing the most!”

“Yup, I know. Do you know why? Because we know you can do it. What support do you need from me?” 1,405 more words

Ryan Williams-Virden

How to Expose Racists: Simply Mention Racism

I was pleasantly surprised when Education Week published Why Are We Criminalizing Black Students? by Tyrone C. Howard.

Regretfully, this blog is gorged with posts about… 592 more words


Thoughts from the Field: Middle School Current News Intensive

Guest blogger:  Kayisha Edwards, Special Educator shares her Thoughts from the Field.

Eyes affixed upon the throngs of books that align the shelves, I can’t help but wonder if the dreamy eyed student is paying attention to the lesson at hand. 436 more words

Education Reform

Unexpected Inquiry Lessons

I didn’t plan for the conversations that happened in my classroom today. I’ve never had them with a class because I hadn’t thought this way before. 661 more words

Art Education

Opinion: The Georgia Senate's 3 percent poison pill for school choice

You have to hand it to Georgia’s Democratic legislators: They’re willing to say they just don’t like the state’s tax-credit scholarships. Republicans, on the other hand, keep coming up with ever-more creative ways to act as if they like the popular program, while working to stunt its growth. 514 more words


Education of the Spirit

Did we perhaps take a wrong turn in public education when the spiritual nature of children was no longer acknowledged, when their inner lives and feelings were no longer respected and prioritized? 649 more words

Creative Systems Thinking