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Authorities Close in on Pro-Charter School Nonprofit for Illicit Campaign Contributions

Originally published in The Intercept on September 19, 2017

A NEW YORK-BASED education reform nonprofit funneled nearly $2.5 million to a related group in Massachusetts, according to  1,220 more words

Education Blues

Listening to people discuss the state of public education in America today often reminds me of that old story of three blind men describing an elephant. 1,429 more words


Vision, Purpose, Values…What’s the Big Deal?

Vision, Purpose, Values…What’s the Big Deal?

RU as a social movement would be a world changer. Humanity is exterminating itself. Not just nukes, climate change, famines or epidemics, but also extinction triggered by Terminal Lost Mojo, for lack of a better term. 441 more words

Community; Society

Build broad awareness, understanding, support...

Build broad awareness, understanding, support, buy-in of these groups:

  • Private sector is essential for RU to become publicly legitimate.
  • Potential new unlearners: what are the entry barriers?
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Education Reform

What Constitutes a “Social Movement”?

What Constitutes a “Social Movement”? (homegrown definition, not textbook. What’s yours?)

Movements are fueled by passionate, like-minded people who share attitudes and perceptions but more importantly, mindsets that lead to… 174 more words

Community; Society

Radical Unschooling as a Social Movement

How Did We Get Here? a.k.a. ”another fine mess you’ve got us into this time, Ollie!”

Cliff Notes Version: wrote a blog, Come Out of the Shadows… 2,152 more words

Education Improvement

Adventures in Oxymorons

Say what you will about living in these political times, snaps go to the marketeers coming up with the names. Why if you didn’t actually spend a large portion of your reading time being skeptical and following up with questions and queries, you might just miss out on some really fun oxymorons. 276 more words