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ESSA Opportunity #3: Selection of Accountability Indicators

Each state must have a statewide accountability system that is based on the challenging state academic standards for reading/language arts and math to improve student academic achievement and school success. 420 more words


Texas: School Board Candidate Who Called Obama a "Gay Prostitute" Defeated

Mary Lou Bruner was defeated in her race for state school board in Texas.

She gained about five minutes of fame after saying that President Obama may have been a “gay prostitute” in his youth. 21 more words

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Rachel Rich: Everything You Need to Know about the /%#£€%+ Test

Rachel Rich is a retired English teacher who has taken a deep interest in standardized testing. She wrote the following review of one of the two federally subsidized tests. 1,774 more words

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Dear Edujournalists: Listen, Learn

The media and educational love affair with “grit” has at least two sources for the frenzy: Paul Tough, journalist, making “grit” popular and accessible and Angela Duckworth, scholar and “genius,” giving “grit” the allure of research and science. 1,307 more words


Peter Greene: What Did the Gates Foundation Learn?

Peter Greene read the annual report from the CEO of the Gates Foundation, Sue Desmond-Hellman, and asked himself what the foundation had learned from its multi-zillion dollar investment in changing the nation’s education system. 344 more words

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Good News! Oklahoma Eliminates VAM!

The Oklahoma legislature passed a law eliminating student test scores as part of teacher evaluation. Hawaii did the same last week. Bit by bit, the most ill-advised, costly, and demoralizing part of Race to the Top is being rejected by the states. 375 more words

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Background for Common Core

How Common Core Fulfills Hillary Clinton’s Education Dreams

If Hillary Clinton had never played a pivotal role in creating and accomplishing her husband’s education agenda in the ‘90s, we might well not have Common Core. 435 more words