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Mike Pence: ALEC is "a Model for the Nation"

Mike Pence is the most far-right candidate nominated for a national office in modern times.

He addressed the annual meeting of ALEC, the American Legislative Executive Council, of which he is a member, and declared that he supported ALEC “before it was cool.” 89 more words

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The Nation: The Edu-Business Legacy of Arne Duncan

Arne Duncan left his post last winter, after serving for seven years as Secretary of Education. In this post, Zoe Carpenter reviews his legacy. … 375 more words

Education Reform

America already has integrated schools -- here's how we can have more

In his Will America ever have integrated schools ? blog post yesterday, Neerav Kingsland asked for ways to better understand the story for school integration advocacy.  746 more words

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BustED Pencils: What Kind of Schools Do Our Children Deserve?

Tim Slekar of BustED Pencils has created a short podcast with some of the leading education advocates on the subject of “The Schools Our Children Deserve.” 51 more words

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Donald Trump: I Hope Russia Hacked Clinton's Server!

In his inimitable style–crude, rude, and hostile–Donald Trump expressed the hope that Russia had hacked the emails on Hillary Clinton’s server.

Donald Trump on Wednesday said he hopes Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails have fallen into the hands of Russian hackers. 169 more words

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Education Reform Democrats Look Ahead to Life After Obama

Originally published in The American Prospect on July 26, 2016.
Lately on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton has been talking about how she wants to end the “so-called education wars.” The Democratic presidential nominee wants to see the factionalism among education groups end and instead see new coalitions form to advance policies on which all can agree. 733 more words

Chiapas: CompArte Festival Goes Ahead

Poster for “Compartir el Comparte por la Humanidad”

The Zapatista “CompArte por la Humanidad” festival initiative began on July 19 with an event at the teachers’ and popular camp that blocks the exit to the highway to Tuxtla Gutierrez in San Cristobal de Las Casas, where local artists and spectators arrived, both nationals and from other parts of the world. 415 more words

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