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Breaking News: Nevada Supreme Court Blocks Funding of Voucher Program

The Nevada Supreme Court blocked the funding of the state’s sweeping voucher program, which would have given money to every student to spend anywhere. Despite the total absence of any evidence for the efficacy of such programs, the Nevada legislature undoubtedly will go back to the drawing board to devise another voucher giveaway that won’t improve education but will divert funding from the state’s underfunded… 250 more words

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Keep Your Children Home Day

I have always appreciated this man’s insight and way of words.

This has to be considered the Great Punctuation Mark of the Common Core resistance.

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Gary Johnson: Another Aleppo Moment

On MSNBC, Chris Mathews asked Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate, who was his favorite world leader. He was silent. Asked again, any country, any continent, he couldn’t think of one. 16 more words

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US Department of Education Releases Another $245 Million for Privatization of Public Schools

John King awards $245M to charters incl $8M to the Uncommon Schools charter chain, a chain he previously ran that is known for outrageously high suspension rates. 148 more words

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Educator Author Banke Awopetu-McCullough Part 2

Author Banke Awopetu-McCullough continues her discussion of her novel, ‘Always Want More,’ as well as her work with African-American students at the junior college level. She discusses issues of institutional racism and other elements in failing school systems, as well as suggestions for improvement.

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Author Educator Banke Awopetu-McCullough Part 1

Author educator Banke Awopetu-McCullough discusses her novel ‘Always Want More,’ which tells the story of a young African-American woman who struggles through her first year of teaching in the Rochester City School District while also coming to grips with her community and her personal goals. 27 more words

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Doris Fisher of the Gap: A Billionaire Funding the Privatization of Public Education

This post is a profile of Doris Fisher, the California billionaire who wants to privatize public schools and open corporate-run charters with no ties to the local community. 835 more words

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