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Why Do I Teach?

How can I say “no” to them and walk away?

Last week, the dark child brightened up.
Yesterday, the angry child smiled.
Just today, the sad child laughed. 86 more words


EduRev Raises Pre-Series A Round Of Funding

EduRev, an abbreviation for Education Revolution, is an educational network based on the largest crowd-sourced library. It is a platform for teachers, authors & publishers to shift from an offline model to the online one.Read More


Afterschool at Lunch

By 11:30 on Tuesdays and Wednesdays an assortment of students have passed by my office to “remind me” that the Ilab is open for lunch.  Students in grades 4 and 5 are all invited to participate as long as they are working on a project, teaching an Ilab skill to a peer, or signed up to learn from a peer teacher.   271 more words

21st Century Education

Why Is You Always Got To Be Trippin'

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This is an amazing read. I have it on my Kindle. You can download it, buy it for your Kindle, or buy it as a book on Amazon. Must Read - for all of the teachers out there who have been through reform hell and back. Must Read - for all the parents out there to get a glimpse of what it is like being a teacher fighting against reform. Must Read - for all students who know there's something wrong and are searching for the truth. #ResistRefuseRevolt Thank you Ciedie Aech! ONWARD!

Tribute to the Warriors

This is a tribute poem for a great warrior in the fight to save our children – Dr. James Avington Miller Jr. – and to all his radio show listeners and… 251 more words


More illustrations of disruption from technology

While tech innovations have opened up new frontiers, innovation is disrupting some fields. Here are a few articles making this point that I’ve accumulated recently:  newspaper circulation continues to collapse, higher ed is increasingly vulnerable to disruptions, and accreditation agencies (which illustrate regulatory capture) show why disruption is needed. 529 more words

Change Around Us

The most productive Teachers Meeting! (Did I mention that the teachers are all 9 and 10 years old?)

It was our first teachers meeting. Nineteen 4th and 5th graders (all certified as teachers!) met over lunch.  The issues of the day included:

21st Century Education