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How Do We Start a Revolution in Education?

So how do we really change things in education?

In order to get the system we want we have to break down the system that is in the way, it is actively trying to maintain the current system with the idea that small reforms and ‘tweaks’ will fix the problems. 774 more words

Education Problems

Education Revolution Podcast

If you’re like me, the turmoil this week resulting from the recent presidential election has been a little more than distracting. It’s taken me a couple of days, but I’m ready get back to work trying to make a difference for future generations. 213 more words


Who Will Carry This Torch?

I wrote this poem eleven years ago. I return to it today and just want to weep. What are we doing to our children? Who will save them? 165 more words


Important Research for our Schools - Study Unlocks Why Decrepit Schools Mean Poor Test Scores

Poetic Justice is reblogging a very important article written by Cornell Chronicle writer Susan Kelley about the research findings of Dr. Lorraine Maxwell. Please read and share with other concerned educators, parents, grand parents, and community members. 686 more words


Demolishing the Education Revolution

Not long ago, The Marcus Review provided a list of 18 key Labor spending decisions which largely contributed to our $400 billion loan.

Today, Nick Cater… 289 more words


Cornerstone Academy for Social Action (CASA) has reached the final stage of XQ: The Super School Project

More information contact:
Jamaal A. Bowman 646-248-1931 jamaalabowman@gmail.com

Cornerstone Academy for Social Action (CASA) has reached the final stage of XQ: The Super School Project… 2,004 more words

Changing The Face Of Education – One Smile At A Time

Most of us, when we look back at what our school years were like, have a twinge of regret. We wish we had better mentors, more parental support, a system which allowed us to grow our wings and relearn our definitions. 1,800 more words