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It's Always Backwards- "Bad Kids" become "Good Kids" Overnight

Parents who are used to phone calls from school about their child- calls telling them how their child is constantly causing trouble in class, isn’t learning and is disrespectful- suddenly start getting calls and emails telling them how awesome their kid is. 624 more words

21st Century Education

The Fear Factor - & its antidote

The Fear Factor

is so real —-

it is like teachers are suffering from anxiety, PTSD, Battered Wife Syndrome, and Stockholm Syndrome all at the same time. 61 more words


The Importance of the Starting Place

Several years ago a 5th grade student joined our program. He was shy, did not have friends, and was not doing well in school.  For the first two or three months he never left my side. 450 more words


"It's All About the INHUMANITY" - an Anonymous Teacher's Tale

Summer School- Turning the Heat Up On Achievement
by – One Fired Up Teacher

NOTE: This was written by a teacher in a high poverty district somewhere in the US. 508 more words


Skwirk - An Education Revolution

The school students of today are undoubtably facing a different education environment than the one that confronted their parents. The introduction of substantive curriculum changes over recent years can make it challenging for parents and caregivers to understand what their children are studying. 455 more words

Australian Curriculum