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More illustrations of disruption from technology

While tech innovations have opened up new frontiers, innovation is disrupting some fields. Here are a few articles making this point that I’ve accumulated recently:  newspaper circulation continues to collapse, higher ed is increasingly vulnerable to disruptions, and accreditation agencies (which illustrate regulatory capture) show why disruption is needed. 529 more words

Change Around Us

The most productive Teachers Meeting! (Did I mention that the teachers are all 9 and 10 years old?)

It was our first teachers meeting. Nineteen 4th and 5th graders (all certified as teachers!) met over lunch.  The issues of the day included:

21st Century Education

"Be Careful Brethren" - A Message About Education from Martin Luther King Jr.

The Purpose of Education,” written by Martin Luther King, Jr., was first published in the February 1947 edition of the Morehouse College Student Newspaper. 463 more words


We teach Urban/Rural-Roman's dream

Every online study portal is like a jumping jack where every instructor or educationalist thought they provide the best education to whom needed most and who can not effort education expenses. 486 more words

Follow-up on athletic fiascos at Penn State and UNC Chapel Hill

I’ve not been watching closely for updates, but have seen a few articles on the massive scandals at Penn State and University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. 704 more words

Other Stuff

Twenty-First Century Students as Teachers: What do they know? What do they need to learn?

Seventeen very proud grades 4 and 5 students received their certificates for completing their Teacher Training Course and have begun “working” as teachers and mentors in our school lab, teaching 3-D printing, animation, filming and green screen, animal care, sewing, and crafts. 419 more words

21st Century Education

It's Always Backwards- "Bad Kids" become "Good Kids" Overnight

Parents who are used to phone calls from school about their child- calls telling them how their child is constantly causing trouble in class, isn’t learning and is disrespectful- suddenly start getting calls and emails telling them how awesome their kid is. 624 more words

21st Century Education