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Daily Prompt: Learning

via Daily Prompt: Learning

The human mind is a wonderful thing.

From clever tool making techniques to flying cars, innovation to the human mind seems like a piece of cake. 482 more words

Unified Education System

Let  me tell you an interesting story. Few years back , i bought two rose saplings from a nursery. I planted the saplings in two different pots but there was some peculiarity, for some reason i planted one of them (say x) in a fertile soil with apt moisture content. 575 more words

Child Rights

Witnesses to a Slow Dea(r)th - India being Brain Drained and Talent Drained

How can any country with an increasingly large number of its intellectual and talented population finding it unfit or less fit to make a living or to live in, ever become a superpower? 535 more words

Vkarthikn Blog

Social virus

Taken from TVP magazine issue number 14.


Prevention and Treatment:

Prevent an infection from happening in the first place, and when it happens have a treatment that can cope with the effects… 3,254 more words

Human Values

Music and Teaching

Seldom do my profession and my music intersect, but my newest release is definitely the product of my job spilling over into my writing. I’ve worked in Special Education since 2007 as a Behavior Teacher, Behavior Therapist, and now as a Behavior Interventionist. 217 more words

General Education

Shrink the Schools

School is where ambition goes to die.

I know what you’re thinking: Is this guy really saying that education is a threat to our children’s well-being? 1,138 more words


skill based education system

hi friends…nice to talk to you all..my name is Rahul. I am an Indian. I am studying mechanical engineering. I am interested in new innovations  and research works. 377 more words