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Somewhere someone extraordinary was born unknown

Some 20 years ago, a prodigy, who will later become like Terence Tao or William Sidis, was born in a rural arid village in Burma, the country with corrupted economy and education mechanisms, especially in remote areas. 248 more words


A Pre-Assimilated Point of View

Sana Jivanji is a foreign exchange student from Pakistan. Unlike many of the foreign exchange students at Philadelphia University, Sana went through an Americanized school system while in Pakistan. 348 more words

International Students

Zukerberg And Priscilla Foundation To Facilitate Education

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook has greater aim beyond digital communication. He believes to with knowledge mankind can develop his abilities. He feels with the help of the available resources necessary assistance can be provides so that the children can attain… 488 more words


45 Thoughts During Every Board Meeting

Inspired by the 4.5 long board meeting tonight.

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NaBloPoMo 2015

Asking for Equality is Not Coddling

This is my response to the Ruth Marcus article: College is not for coddling

Frankly, I just disagree. And history disagrees as well.

Colleges around the country have forever been places for the white elite to be coddled. 483 more words


Malaysian English needs life support: Poor English among doctors, stops medical grads


 The Star says: Young doctors in the country are struggling with their poor command of English. They face problems communicating with patients and their peers. 1,976 more words


No Holy Pens for Malaysian Students

I read an interesting piece of news on the net yesterday about a Zimbabwean pastor who told his congregation that those sitting for exams only needed faith and one of his “special pens” to pass. 251 more words

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