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How did I decide to become a CA

For the uninitiated, CA here refers to Chartered Accountant and I am on my way to become one. If you don’t know what a Chartered Accountant is, do not worry; you are not in minority here, even I did not know what a CA does when I made the fateful decision to become one. 1,639 more words

Inferences From Life

Opinion: Ignorance in America - Ask Me About the Grass

It seems to be a common stereotype that American’s are ignorant, I’ve never believed stereotyping but the harsh reality is that stereotypes come from somewhere. I’m not saying that all American’s are ignorant by any means, I am saying that many of them have fallen victim to the education system. 1,597 more words

Boy Crisis?

You may have heard that girls are doing better than boys in school.

Did you know that in some of Canada’s leading universities, the ratio is 70% female, 30% male in some of the most prestigious programs? 115 more words


Food for thought: Something wrong with the system

The thing that really, really makes me sad is that kids in kindergarten say amazing things like, why do we exist? What are stars? If moon is so big then why does it appear as small? 98 more words

Amateur Writers

True Nature of Education - New Talk

“For self-educated scientists and thinkers such as Charles Darwin, Srinivasa Ramanujan, Leonardo-da-Vinci, Michael Faraday, myself and many others, education is a relentless voyage of discovery. To us education is an everlasting quest for knowledge and wisdom.” 27 more words


(Opinion) What School Closures Tell Us About Municipal Politics

Not going to lie, this topic hits me close to home.

Despite the fact that I recently graduated from my high school this June, and now attend University, I still find myself bewildered at the fact that the place I called home for 4 years will be gone before I’m done my undergraduate degree. 751 more words

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