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Art Capozzi: Pattern Recognition Time II

This is Art Capozzi’s presentation from the De-Mystifying The Occult Seminar on Saturday, October 4, 2014 in Manchester, CT.


Sowing the seeds for a better tomorrow

I have nothing but admiration for our teachers, particularly under the current circumstances. It’s the politicians who I would question. Why is it that we still have something resembling a glorified babysitting service. 251 more words

See beautiful Northern Germany

Photos by Selma Neel

By Selma Neel

I have been in Germany for almost three weeks now. I spend each day in an elementary school assisting the teacher, interacting with the kids and learning about a different education system. 173 more words


Two Hours

Sometimes, I wonder how two hours can make a difference. The two hours in question are the hours I spend writing an exam. People work hard for those two hours, some don’t. 189 more words


Now I’m sure everyone’s heard all the arguments on the education system and all the rants on Facebook blah blah blah, but I thought I’d stick my two pennies worth in, so bear with me. 282 more words

Let them play

Did you know that in Finland there is a ‘no homework policy’ in their education system? They don’t start their children in school till age 7 and yet they have one of the best human capitals in the world.  617 more words



Man wants to rise. He wants to explore further. He wants to know more. The one who knows more than others is respected by the others. 650 more words

Social Philosophy