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The Academy Problem

Flicking through twitter, I came across this article: Secret Teacher: becoming an academy destroyed my school and it is… sad.

By sad, I don’t mean the article is sad and I don’t mean sad in the colloquial sense. 501 more words


Insecurity Kills the Cat


I was about to write my CITE experience but I got rather MORE overwhelmed with emotions over a friend’s struggle against a “higher-up”.

“Power-tripping”—that’s what most people call it. 324 more words

有$人大陰謀: 稅收及退休






Modern Education is Pavlovian Conditioning

By Jay Dyer | JaysAnalysis

Assessing the problems in American public education and academia elicits standard responses that are generally trite and multitude.  “Lack of funding,”, or “adequately trained teachers,” often round out the usual replies, yet system-generated solutions to the perceived problems are always external in nature (especially given the problems are themselves system-generated).   1,907 more words


The thoughts of a student on a f**cked up education system

I am currently in year 12 and I am fast approaching the end of my high school career. Since I saw the class of 2011 graduate when I was year 7 I have thought I would be sad as I approached this time in my life. 977 more words


For the students you failed.

For every child with a scientific mind and brand new ideas that are only deemed worthy if their English skills are strong,

For every young artist who thinks they have no talent because the exam boards care more about how well they know Picasso’s background than their artistic flare, 150 more words


Learning useful skills? | The Education System is flawed

The education system.

It’s a big topic, and since I want to keep this post quite short, there’ll be a lot of things I won’t talk about. 890 more words