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Just another brick in the wall

The predictability of human interactions has become a bane for all those who seek excitement in meeting new people. I met someone recently for a formal interaction and there was an uncomfortable and overbearing sense of deja vu hanging in the air. 659 more words


Positive lies behind child labor but need to transform education system

“We all leave our villages so we can find better life in cities. But unfortunately we all end up in dirty jobs.” Shankar moved toward his large sack filled all the booty. 402 more words

Education is dying, and I am letting it die.

When I think of my education, I think 3 things made it worthwhile for me:

  1. Teachers who gave me space to learn at my own pace…
  2. 279 more words

Discontent Sometimes Comes With The Job

When organizations send leaders to training with the intention of improving performance and productivity, they often neglect to raise consciousness among the followers. They fail to see that leaders will be picking up a new language expressed in words and concepts incomprehensible to anyone not included in the training program. 342 more words


Tackling the "Supremacy" in White Supremacy: A Critique of the American College Education System.

Another hour, another day, another week, another year. I will continue to speak about how the education system is set up to maintain a white supremacist patriarchal mindset among students. 805 more words



A stack of books underlined with pencil and occupying half the space at your study table and you burning the midnight oil to read them and make notes – Can you relate? 386 more words