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(WhiteChapel)Documents for Contemporary Art: Failure

Amid the global uncertainties of our times, failure has become a central subject of investigation in recent art. Celebrating failed promises and myths of the avant-garde, or setting out to realize seemingly impossible tasks, artists have actively claimed the space of failure to propose a resistant view of the world. 251 more words

Art Theory

Griselda Pollock: Differencing the Canon

In this book, art historian Griselda Pollock makes a compelling intervention into a debate at the very centre of feminist art history: should the traditional canon of the 'Old Masters' be rejected, replaced or reformed? 151 more words

Art Theory

bell hooks: Teaching to Transgress

Cultural theorist hooks means to challenge preconceptions, and it is a rare reader who will be able to walk away from her without considerable thought. Despite the frequent appearance of the dry word "pedagogy," this collection of essays about teaching is anything but dull or detached. 183 more words

Laura Jasek

Introducing David Smith, author of Be A Teacher: A Memoir in Ten Ideas

“After a bad experience with Author Solutions (Xlibris), I have nothing but good things to say about Outskirts. You handled my book briskly and professionally, and the result is as attractive as one could wish. 240 more words

Outskirts Press

Alliance Helps Software Engineering Students Land Jobs

Getting that first job in the field of software engineering is difficult. Employers want to see tangible results of projects the applicant has performed, preferably working with a program that must produce real-world results. 866 more words


Teach Them to Think

This post is about teaching. Or rather, about my failings as a teacher.

The regular school year is coming to a close here at HOPAC and students will be starting exams next week, so the last two weeks have been a flurry of revision, review, and exam preparation. 455 more words


Creating a Bridge Between Nations

The financial realities of growing up in a large family in Japan left Kyoko Onna unable to pursue her dream of studying at a U.S. university. 1,598 more words