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Christine Brown Remembered

Guest Post by Karen Marshall

In memory of Christine Brown –  Died in September, 2009

My first meeting of Christine Brown was in my early teens.  995 more words

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Airports & Aimless Thoughts

I’m in an airport for the tenth time in a month. My flight is delayed, so I’ve been sitting here for several hours surfing the web, and allowing my mind to wander aimlessly. 1,234 more words


The Knowledge Gatekeepers

Why is is that some people with an awful lot of knowledge thinks it’s okay to devalue same?  We are all familiar with Sir Ken Robinson and his cry for ‘soft skills’ like creativity to be as valued as highly as knowledge. 471 more words

Lang Lang's Piano Method: now it's complete!

Sheet Music Review

Earlier this year The Lang Lang Piano Method was unveiled, arousing much interest.

Here on Pianodao I wrote a detailed review of the first three books… 921 more words

Piano Lessons

Get Set! Piano comes to Pianodao...

It is with huge pleasure that I can announce today that Harper Collins, the new publishers of Karen Marshall and Heather Hammond’s outstanding piano method… 193 more words

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How to teach scales effectively

Guest Post by Karen Marshall

As a young pianist I really struggled with scales.  In fact, I only passed the scale element in my music exams in Grade 1 and 8 and it wasn’t until doing my associated diploma (over 400 scales) that I fully mastered some patterns! 1,068 more words

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Time to rethink Practice Notebooks?

Sheet Music Reviews

As a child learning the piano, almost all of my teachers used a notebook to write down practice instructions, and more often than not included messages to parents and assessment of progress. 2,201 more words

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