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High School Teaches Us to be Constipated

There have been a number of recent discussions in my household regarding the toilets in my son’s school. I know this isn’t as cool as talking about the school’s football team or as academically proper and intellectual as talking about math or science or history, but this has been a real issue recently. 736 more words

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“Soaring inequality isn’t about education; it’s about power. . . .
It’s not hard to imagine a truly serious effort to make America less unequal. 434 more words

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The Goldfish

There was an eagle soaring in a bright blue sky.
“Financial security,” intoned the narrator, in a deep manly voice.
“This is what it looks like. 573 more words

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Thu, 21 May 1998

Date: Thu, 21 May 1998 12:24
From: Bogini
Subject: Re: Hi “Bogini”?
To: Angela

Well, in a way Bogini is another way to say Jolie…it’s the Polish word for goddess.  1,283 more words

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The Student-Centered Classroom

Margaret Wente says that the “student-centred” classroom is a faith-based fad that’s going to lead to the decline and fall of Western Civilization. Truth be told, I’m not sure what to make of this because (a) Wente is a wanker; and (b) I’ve seen the “student-centred” classroom work, and work very well. 309 more words

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Men Without Qualities: Plagiarists

“If a man’s thoughts are to have truth and life in them, they must, after all, be his own fundamental thoughts; for these are the only ones that he can fully and wholly understand. 473 more words

Good And Evil

Back to Nature

Why do so many body-builders and strength athletes die relatively young?  In response to this question, whose empirical validity I am not concerned to question right now (but witness… 543 more words

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