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Perspective is Power: A Conversation with Chris Nguyen

Likeville (E02)

In this episode of the Likeville podcast, I talk with cryptocurrency expert Chris Nguyen about libertarianism, philosophy, the importance of perspective, and the future of education.

—John Faithful Hamer


MAT Summit Explores Using Data to Improve Teaching

With an abundance of test data about how students perform, educators now need to devise methods of analyzing that data to best customize the learning experience for individual schools, grades, classrooms and even students. 817 more words


When Oysters Come into the Classroom

Like many adjunct professors at University of Maryland University College (UMUC), Daniel Grosse uses his “other” job to inform his teaching. For this faculty member in the Graduate Program in Environmental Management, however, that second job is not what students might expect. 1,123 more words


UMUC Cosponsors the Daylong OER Summit

When organizers from University of Maryland University College (UMUC), University System of Maryland William E. Kirwan Center For Academic Innovation, and MarylandOnline were planning the daylong “ 984 more words


On Language

I remember laughing out loud when John Ralston Saul defined the word “dictionary” in The Doubter’s Companion (1994) as: “Opinion presented as truth in alphabetical order.” I’m suspicious of dictionaries. 1,999 more words

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Philosophers and People with PhDs in Philosophy

I’ve often been shocked by how utterly boring and anti-intellectual a lot of academics are. They’ll happily gossip about their colleagues for hours, but if you start talking about ideas at the dinner party they invariably give you this exasperated look and say something akin to “Do we really have to talk shop tonight?” Why anyone who finds playing with ideas so tedious would choose the academic life is a mystery to me. 1,094 more words


Welcome to Likeville

The promise of Social Media Land was always, to some extent, an imperialistic dream. The geeks who created this online world were all, to a man, urban liberals who hoped the Internet would bring the light of civilization to Sameville, a mythological small town where everybody’s white and wrong. 1,480 more words

Good And Evil