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Why Digital Badges Are The Future of Learning

Forget flying cars and hover boards – imagine a new ecosystem of learning where your own informal learning experiences receive the same recognition as formal degrees and qualifications. 652 more words

The Educationist

Teachers’ Training Program - An Elixir of growth for Schools!

For the growth & development of every school, teachers play the role of a magical ingredient in it. Seasonal modification in educational spectrum demands modern setup of teachers who can train students according to the benefiting needs of learning. 252 more words

Technology In Education

One App to rule them all

My good friend Ciaran and I have done a couple of presentations recently on the power of Apple Classroom. A free, utility App from Apple that can really make the use of Apple technologies in the classroom a LOT less stressful. 807 more words


Wrap Up!

EDCI 336 was awesome yet scary!

Throughout this course, we experienced many forms of technology and many ways on how to incorporate it. Pinterest was a key interest for me as well as Google Docs are wicked! 88 more words


Educational Programming

Educational Programming, which is any use of video production. This has gone from just television to platforms like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu etc. These programs have been found to have advantages and can be a powerful learning tool, especially with social aspects, relationships, and societal aspects. 116 more words


Dropbox and Google Drive

Dropbox and Google Drive are two convenient and easy ways for students to share files. Dropbox is great for teachers wanting to share lesson plans, schedules, or any kind of educational file with other teachers. 118 more words


Google Education

The way I understand it, Google Apps for Education is a more private version of a Google Drive for educators, almost like our Coursespaces at UVic. 166 more words