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ON 12012016

ON 12012016
Host: Patrick Wilson
Guests: Mary Pierce, Tonya Tedesco, Antonia Foster

An informal chat with some of the folks that worked so hard on #NoOn2 ! 48 more words


11th December 1465 A.D. The Birth of Ashikaga Yoshihisa, Japanese shogun #Onthisday

The birth of Ashikaga Yosihisa was #onthisday December 11th, 1465 A.D. and died April 26th 1489 A.D. he was the 9th Shogun of Ashikaga shogunate which reigned from 1473-1489 A.D. 92 more words


Collective Power

Kudos to Ghana for credible elections, congratulations to President elect Nana Akuffo Addo for emerging victorious and President John Mahama for conceding. I must add that before now, I had never seen impassioned Ghanaian youth about a common cause like exhibited in the recent elections. 103 more words


Do you know about your own body?


Everyone walks around in their body 24/7 yet know very little or think it’s too complicated to figure out. You’re supposed to know something about your car, your house, the grocery store, your money, your food, drugs, how to drive, the highway system, office politics, and the holidays, but knowledge about your body, or the care of it? 364 more words


Fitting The Pieces Together

For this week’s assignment, I am going to fit the pieces together by combining what I have learned throughout the course to assess my own learning. 586 more words


Call for 2017 Conference Reviewers

From Thursday’s inbox…

Call for 2017 Conference Reviewers

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education

AACE hosts four internationally renowned conferences each year (

123 more words