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【要ログイン】国私立8大学が「教材共有クラウド」で挑む、“大学全入時代”の課題とは? [ #cbajp ]




3D On The Horizon

It often takes a little time for innovations to mature enough to be considered viable in our learning environment. We have limited resources and we need to be confident that there is an educational need and affordability. 532 more words


Immigration and Education

Immigration and Education
By Hannah Balge, Karen Coker, Patricia Diaz, Phuc Nguyen, Hehui Quan, Alan Seto, Vishnu Venugopal, Arnold Yin


Barriers exist in accessibility to higher education for immigrant youth in America. 158 more words


“Take Home A High Grade N*gger For Your Woodpile” Dr. Seuss Cartoon Up For Auction

This is a level of racism that just doesn’t even make sense… pic.twitter.com/Qy76Kiemlp

— Yours In Negritude (@MeWeFree) May 27, 2015

Some parents and children will likely change their tune about the works of Dr.

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The "Skimming" Experiment

I’ll let you in on a little secret. When I have nothing to write about, I think of the craziest thing I could possibly present on my blog, and then I do it. 691 more words


Spelling Race | Colorlines

… the narrative of cultural exceptionalism is misleading and harmful. It’s safe to say that all families place an emphasis on education and want their children to succeed. 83 more words


Teen kills himself after being bullied, heartbroken mother pleads “don’t let anyone be treated like my son” | FOX6Now.com

NEW YORK — Even the simplest of words can affect teens in a big way. Bullying is an emerging problem among young people and adults every single day.

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