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Formative Assessments… How to make the best out of them.

Hello, My name is Jillian and I am currently a 6th grade Math teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia. I am taking a class for my Masters program through Clemson called Instructional Effectiveness and today I will be discussing what Formative Assessment is, how can we make the most out of it, and to keep our students engaged throughout the process. 1,390 more words

Some Kids Are Gay (And You Should Know How to Handle It)

Before we even start, allow me to explain: I’m not a trained professional. The writing I’m providing you with is based on my personal experiences working with LGBTQ youth and by reaching out to friends and asking them to give their opinions. 2,134 more words


Naval Postgraduate School Executive MBA Program Announcement

Here’s the article about the Naval Postgraduate School Executive MBA that I did:

Distance Learning Degree, Certificate Opportunities Announced

From Chief of Naval Personnel Public Affairs… 396 more words

UK School Bans 'Expensive' Jackets to Prevent 'Poverty Shaming'

A school in the United Kingdom has forbade students from wearing “expensive” jackets because doing so may “poverty shame” other students. 149 more words


"Mobiles in the Media Studies Classroom" - TES.com

This was my second article published in the “Subject Genius” section of TES.com, the Times Educational Supplement website.

You can read the article on TES.com… 1,076 more words


COLLEGE: Personal growth vs. furthering education

by Joanna Lei

graphic by Kaitlyn Tang

Personal Growth:

A common belief that people hold is that a university is only a place for educational growth, but they do not realize that it is also a haven for self-development. 890 more words