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Infosys Foundation has been asking people to share why they make, and including some of their responses on their site.  There are also three videos from famous makers (Nick Offerman, Noah Bushnell, and Adam Savage) who explain why they believe it is essential for human beings to create.   238 more words


What do you understand by the knowledge-based economy

What do you understand by the knowledge-based economy? Can India be considered as the knowledge-based economy?


A knowledge economy is the one where the output of the economy is predominately based on knowledge vis-à-vis manufacturing and agriculture. 200 more words


A list of tips to improve interview performance

Appearing for an interview still sends many individuals in depression and there are literally many people who suffer from interview-phobia and it is not a good sign of a professional. 396 more words


10 Key Purchasing / Procurement Manager Responsibilities

10 Key Roles and Responsibilities of a Purchasing / Procurement Manager

Are you pursuing the position of Purchasing or Procurement Manager? Then you should know that these two are the same thing. 672 more words


Is it legal to cut marks for bad handwriting in CBSE?

No, it is not legal.

A teacher cannot cut marks just because the student’s handwriting doesn’t please him/her. That doesn’t happen on school level even. 70 more words

By Vatsal Chawla

Day 39

Me: “What advice would you give to your younger selves?”

Ketav: “Learn how to manage your time a little better. Learn when’s the right time to do certain things because I feel like when you get into college, it’s like a whole different experience up there and you just sort of go along with the flow of things sometimes without knowing why you are there in the first place.” 63 more words


PTRs worsen in 2016

The DfE has today published its first results from last November’s School Workforce Census https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/school-workforce-in-england-november-2016 With an ever changing landscape across the school sector, it is sometimes difficult to discern the longer-term trends. 484 more words