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Interested in BPMN? Check these White Papers

If you are interested in topics related to business process modeling with BPMN, you may check white papers I’ve authored for Orbus Software.

And here are the abstracts of the whitepapers. 603 more words


Remedies to help manage Global developmental delay in Kids

There is no specific treatment to cure a child suffering from Global developmental delay but there are ways to help some of the conditions that may be causing the delay. 155 more words


Do You Take Advantages Of AWS Online Job Support?

Whether or not you’re new to AWS or continuing to increase your preference for assistance as you increase packages and build marketing answers, we want to offer the proper resources to guide your conclusion. 451 more words


Homework Tutoring Supervisor for Your Help

The dissertation homework is very important aspect in the life of the students or else they do not get the good grades and desired jobs. Tutors has a journey as a facilitator to the students making them achieve their plan, directing then to a particular route. 70 more words


“But I’m not a ‘teacher’…”

My working career in higher education began just over 13 years ago, initially spending a few years in an academic research-related role at a different institution before moving to The Open University (OU). 698 more words


پنجاب کے سرکاری سکول سیکورٹی رسک بن گئے، پنجاب پولیس کی رپورٹ

چاردیواری غائب یا بوسیدہ،

 گارڈز غیر تربیت یافتہ یاعمر رسیدہ،

 حفاظتی اسلحہ غائب یا زنگ آلودہ،

 ٹھیک کیمرے اور واک تھرو گیٹ چیدہ، چیدہ۔ 

کیا یوں پڑھے گا پنجاب اور بڑھے گا پنجاب؟

Team Moonis Elahi


they told me to expect "high highs and low lows"

Let’s say as human beings, we have an emotional scale of 0-100, with 100 being extreme “high” emotions and 0 being extreme “low.” In America, I’d say I had a daily, average, emotional range of 40-60. 1,059 more words

Peace Corps