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Too hard for us -- leave it to the kids?

I understand the punctuated equilibrium and the divergent evolution happening with mobile app development.  THere is incredible potential for amazing things to happen even with simple apps.   59 more words

Shape Gurus Review [iOS]

Shape Gurus is the latest educational app in the “Gurus” series from developer Colto. Their previous apps include Star Gurus and ABC Gurus. One dealt with numbers while the other one with letters. 502 more words

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Zoombinis Is Now Available for iOS and Android Tablets [Video]

Zoombinis is an educational app featuring small blue creatures in search of freedom from the evil Bloats. Help the Zoombinis find their way to Zoombiniville using logic, data analysis, pattern finding and problem solving skills with increasing difficulty as you progress. 285 more words

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We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest Review [iOS]

If there’s one type of game I haven’t really played much of on the iPad, it’s board games. This is because I mainly play solo games on my mobile devices when I’m by myself or trying to kill some time. 673 more words

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Osmo - App Review

Osmo is a super-smart new app. It uses reflective artificial intelligence, so most of the time you are not even in contact with the iPad itself while still playing, promoting physical play.  232 more words


ABC Guru Review - A Creative Way to Learn the Alphabet [iOS]

When I was a kid growing up, we didn’t have tablets and fancy apps to keep me busy. Nowadays, kids are exposed to technology as soon as their born and I can admit that I was one of those parents that exposed my youngest one to tablets at an early age. 894 more words

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Treasure Map: piece n. 4

Could it be an island? Download and print the Fourth piece of the Treasure Map!
(Click the link for the printable version)

Did you miss some pieces? Click here!

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