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Finding value in screen time: our favorite 15 netflix shows, dvds, and apps for young kids

In the complex world of twenty-first century parenting, Screen Time can be the subject of much debate and anxiety.

Every family has different ideas and expectations about this subject. 1,750 more words


Extramarks Toddlers Tablet – The Perfect Device for a Child’s Growth

These days, we see all children attracted to technology and hooked to electronic gadgets like smartphones, TV, laptops etc. Children, especially toddlers, are amused by moving images and colorful animations. 298 more words

mental arithmetic educational mobile game app


Mental Arithmetic Educational Mobile games are powerful to ease a baby’s mastering process. They have interaction youngsters to examine, and task the belief getting to know is boring. 136 more words

Kids Tablet - A Reliable Device for the Learning Needs of Your Little One

As cute as Toddlers look, handling them is a super tough task. They run all around, demand your attention all the time and are fussy about just everything. 357 more words

Using BYJU'S :The Learning App

I am studying in grade 6. I  wanted to improve my Math and Science. My parents bought me a Leonovo Tab in which they bought content from a learning app BYJU’s Premium. 284 more words


PlayAblo for CBSE & ICSE

Is your kid is grabbing your mobile phone for playing games ? Don’t worry you are not alone. But you can always slip a little learning into that game while your child is playing games. 471 more words

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