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MapReduce Patterns, Algorithms, and Use Cases

In this article I digested a number of MapReduce patterns and algorithms to give a systematic view of the different techniques that can be found on the web or scientific articles. 3,587 more words


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Telling the Right Data Story

At the end of last year, I had presented what I had thought were beautiful and informative data reports, analyzing millions of data points across 9 years.   295 more words


How to Check for Assessment Reliability

For any educator that has been through an accreditation process, we are regularly asked: “How do your internal assessments correlate with your external assessments?”  In simpler terms: “ 202 more words


How Can Data Check Our Grading Consistency?

One question we’ve been wrestling with, every since we moved to Standards Based Grading is:

“How do we ensure consistency in our grading?”

A possible and quick way to measure this is looking at the average grades of classes.   350 more words


What is EDM and LAK?

Educational Data Mining and Learning Analytics are two beautiful fields with many many innovations that will change the way we look at education.  It was first explained to me in the infographic below, so I thought it best to share:


Codewebs: scalable homework search for massive open online programming courses

A Nguyen, C Piech, J Huang, L Guibas

WWW 2014   link


How to effectively provide quality feedback to students on a massive scale?

Approach: 631 more words

Summary Of Papers

Autonomously Generating Hints by Inferring Problem Solving Policies


Piech et al.,   L@S 2015

The goal of this paper is to provide family of algorithms for autonomously generating hints for Code.org ‘Hour of Code’ using historical student data. 39 more words

Summary Of Papers