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Teachers Need to Play Too: Interactive Data is Better

A novel builds character arcs before a climax; a comedian gives a setup before a punchline; and research papers place the results section before the  256 more words

Learning Analytics

Building Better Visualizations: More Can Be Better

The beauty of using a coding language like R or Python, is that you can customize virtually every aspect of your visualization.  With an eye for design, you can portray… 446 more words


Exploring Grading Calibration

It’s a common question: are we grading equally?  And while I don’t like the focus on marks, I can appreciate that calibrated grading ensures proper feedback, helps create a shared vision of the purpose of an assessment, and yes, even helps avoid some potentially heated discussions with parents. 368 more words


Hypothesis Testing for Standardized Test Results

One of the most worrisome parts about Big Data in schools is the unethical targeting of teachers based on single data points — often misused.  It’s therefore imperative that specialists, well-versed in statistics, are present for data based conversations. 370 more words