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Reflections on the Western Conference on Science Education (WCSE)

This July, I presented at my first SoTL (scholarship of teaching and learning) conference, WCSE (5 – 7 July, 2017) hosted at Western University, Canada (you can read the abstract… 46 more words

#15toptips for Student-Centred Teaching 11: How much work should I do at home? Using directed independent study to promote effective learning

As academics we tend to have an inflated opinion of the value of what we teach. By this, I mean that we tend to assume that it is what and how we teach that will have by far the greatest impact on how much learning our students do and the quality of this learning. 1,456 more words


#15toptips for Student-Centred Teaching 10: Build into your modules or courses a ‘negotiated learning’ element that enables students to align their studies – at least in part – with their enthusiasms. They will be more engaged, will learn more, and produce better work.

Sometimes teachers – both in schools and universities – find that it pays to follow the line of least resistance. Learners are often most predisposed to learn and to engage enthusiastically when they are really interested in the topic or theme they are learning about, so sometimes it pays to allow for some flexibility within the curriculum and to explore the value of developing an ‘alignment’ between what the learner finds inherently fascinating, and the learning process itself. 1,553 more words


#15toptips for Student-Centred Teaching 9: Reflect on the value of reflection and build this capacity with your students – they will need it

Over the years one of the things that has struck me about the nature of teaching and learning in higher education is the emphasis given to ‘teaching’ as opposed to ‘learning’. 1,350 more words


Scope for Cooperation


A lively and very encouraging session on the first day of the ALDinHE conference in Hull on April 10 explored opportunities for, and the odd obstacle to, cooperation, both among development functions in a University and among the corresponding development organisations. 790 more words


#15toptips for Student-Centred Teaching 8: Time is precious, so try to avoid ‘re-inventing the wheel’ by reading about learning and teaching and learning from your colleagues

Sometimes it’s worth reflecting on how many of our colleagues ended up involved in this rather strange world of higher education teaching, since teaching may not, in reality, have been the thing that motivated many to work in the sector. 1,197 more words