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Day Fades to Night Fades to Day

I don’t remember the last time I slept more than 4 hours at night. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve gotten good sleep. I’ve been studying hard, and still doing unsatisfactory on my exams. 1,311 more words

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Why's that lil stone guy got boogers?

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The short answer? He’s high as fuck – and also happens to be a 9-foot-tall, half-feline, half-human statue that was found in the remnants of a pre-Columbian temple in the Andes Mountains. 1,136 more words

When Learning Matches Work and Life, Students Appreciate Their Education More

via When Learning Matches Work and Life, Students Appreciate Their Education More — Campus Technology

In college, relevance matters. A new survey of consumers found that the more tied their college courses are to their work and daily lives, the greater they believe they’ve received a “high-quality education” that was worth the cost.

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Failed All-Nighters

I always say that I’m going to stay up and do work, but I always end up falling asleep. Does anyone else have this problem? Maybe the people that are able to stay up longer are simply stronger than me. 699 more words

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The Day Before Break

We’ve had two days off this week due to the snow. Now, it’s Friday. More specifically, the Friday before spring break. I don’t know if it’s because of the two days we’ve had off, which I spent fairly lazily reading books I’ve been meaning to get to and ignoring the amount of work I had to do, or if it’s the fact that spring break is engulfing every thought of mine, but I have no motivation left. 1,601 more words

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CS Stress

I can’t focus at all. CAL (the freshman writing and communications class at Stevens) is my favorite class, and I can’t pay any attention. I even read what I was supposed to read before this class, and I usually like to talk in this class, but I can’t think right now. 584 more words

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I started the semester off strong. I would get all my work done early and make sure that I didn’t forget anything. But as I got more and more tired and the days seemed to drag out longer even into the nights, I felt drained. 827 more words

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