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Welcome Histology Bloggers!

Welcome to the world of tissues in the realm of a lasallian student.  This blogsite will be the venue for relating to the world histology topics that stimulated your curious mind and how this subject molded you as a budding student embarking on a medical career.  Enjoy the different stories inside.

Educational Experience

Top Five College Essay Writing Tips

The most important parameters US colleges use to determine the candidature of aspiring students are based on the following three criteria:

The first depends on the student’s previous performance or past course works. 725 more words

Between The Legs of The Show (or as you may call it, the wings)

To be a real world dancer in this day in age one needs to be able to do more than just dance. They need to be able to think creatively, work collaboratively, and most importantly need to be self sufficient enough to put on their own performances. 1,120 more words


Web Page

This here is an example of a Web Page that I designed for Mega Fun. The description of how it was created and the coding that went into it is in the image of the page itself. 17 more words

Educational Experience

Mega Fun

Mega Fun was a brand that showcases the good times one can have while using their entertainment products, such as board and card games. The three logo designs were created to give my classmates options when picking the best one. 9 more words

Educational Experience

Imagination Poster

This is a design that invites the mind to think of what they could do with these two bricks, of which there are over three hundred million different combinations. 18 more words

Educational Experience