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Income Inequality in a Dynamic Economy

I have pointed out in a recent post that, not only is the U.S. the world’s most competitive large economy, but also that our per-capita GDP is growing faster than for our nearest rivals. 276 more words

Jack Heidel

Michael Moritz: Young Westporters Must Be Active World Citizens

Michael Moritz is a 2014 graduate of Staples High School. Now a senior at Ithaca College, he’s a member of its Futures Club. Many Westporters will automatically assume that means money and markets. 727 more words


Implicit Bias: The Problem with Policing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, you know that the United States has a problem with policing- specifically, the United States has a problem with police abusing and murdering black people. 1,842 more words


Impossible is Nothing*

(*apparently this is an Adidas slogan – you snooze, you lose, Teach First!)

I’m sitting on a minibus on the way back to London, wondering how to entice people into the blog I’ve promised to write about my experiences as a Teach First participant and early years teacher in West London. 896 more words

The Everyday Metaphors of Teaching: Problems and Solutions

It’s an elephant guys – come on.

Metaphor is so deeply embedded into the language of teaching that Greene (1973) argues that it would be possible to organise a history of educational ideas around recurring metaphors. 803 more words


Education as Right or Roadblock?

So here’s the thing- in most of the countries of the Western Hemisphere, at least those whose economic foundations were build upon the practice of slavery, education has always held a high level of value. 1,216 more words