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Private schooling and inequality

What’s often understated in Pakistan’s case, especially on the third front, is the multi-faceted part played by elite private schools, and the qualifications they impart, in the persistence of intergenerational inequality. 601 more words

Educational Inequality

An elite English-medium school student does not have much in common with a madressah-going child.

Government schools are ‘free’ in the sense that they do not charge tuition fee formally. And some provincial governments also provide school books. But the cost of transportation and other expenses are still incurred by the parents. 454 more words

Educational Inequality

Seven major educational issues in Pakistan

Now a days, the economic situation in Pakistan is under stress and education is the worse effected sector in Pakistan. The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan says, 375 more words

Educational Inequality

Educational inequality: a problem for Pakistan

Pakistan’s educational system faces a lot of problems related to admission, calibre and equal opportunities at all levels, from primary and secondary schools to higher education to professional education. 362 more words

Educational Inequality

Tackling inequality in Australia through improving education for marginalised learners

Australia’s Public Education Foundation has released a major report that examines the price of educational inequality in Australia’s schools.

What Price the Gap? Education and Inequality in Australia… 770 more words

Social Disadvantage

Gender gap increases in Government schools throughout Lahore.

65 percent of Lahore’s primary-aged girls are enrolled, compared to 77 percent of boys. The focus group, involving parents and teachers of children enrolled in low-cost public school in Lahore showed that many parents viewed girls education as a waste of time and money as it wont help them strengthen their social relationships with in laws. 273 more words

Educational Inequality

Educational Inequality

Overview of current affairs.

The illiteracy rate in Pakistan calls for critical attention, and the federal and provincial governments must work jointly to eliminate these flaws for a better education system. 431 more words

Educational Inequality