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Implicit Bias: The Problem with Policing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past ten years, you know that the United States has a problem with policing- specifically, the United States has a problem with police abusing and murdering black people. 1,842 more words


Impossible is Nothing*

(*apparently this is an Adidas slogan – you snooze, you lose, Teach First!)

I’m sitting on a minibus on the way back to London, wondering how to entice people into the blog I’ve promised to write about my experiences as a Teach First participant and early years teacher in West London. 896 more words

Challenge The Impossible

The Everyday Metaphors of Teaching: Problems and Solutions

It’s an elephant guys – come on.

Metaphor is so deeply embedded into the language of teaching that Greene (1973) argues that it would be possible to organise a history of educational ideas around recurring metaphors. 803 more words

Education as Right or Roadblock?

So here’s the thing- in most of the countries of the Western Hemisphere, at least those whose economic foundations were build upon the practice of slavery, education has always held a high level of value. 1,216 more words


How I ended up here...

When I was in primary school, one of my favourite games was pretending to be a teacher. This essentially involved doing a register with a list of all the names I could think of, then using a whiteboard marker to write the date on my wardrobe, as a substitute for an actual whiteboard.   712 more words

The Poor Kid's Guide to Surviving the GRE

I’ve gotten a few inquiries from friends asking me how I prepared for the GRE, or Graduate Records Examinations, the exam most people will have to take to apply for grad school. 2,495 more words

Cognitive Framing and Its Theoretical Implications for Tuition Fee Policies in England

 October 2016


Ben Alcott



This working paper seeks to contribute to the study of university access in England by analyzing the predominant theoretical conceptual frameworks – human capital and habitus – and then suggesting a supplementary avenue of inquiry. 24,029 more words

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