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Racial disparities remain in New Orleans 10 years after Katrina

On the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans does not have a reason to celebrate, as the black community has not recovered. And the disparities between blacks and whites in that great city have continued, and in some cases, the inequities have worsened. 966 more words


Minorities and Higher Education: a Severe Dilemma


In two recent posts, here and here, I have established that:

  • Rapid increases in federal student aid in recent years have led to tuition increases at both public and private educational institutions and for both undergraduate and graduate students.
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Should the National Minimum Wage Be Raised?

A recent column by David Brooks in the New York Times, “Minimum Wage Muddle,” is a good summary of the pros and cons of raising the minimum wage for the whole country. 283 more words

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Reduce Poverty and Ensure Equity: The Key to Education Reform Is Not the Common Core

Last week three prominent education and civil rights leaders confronted what has appeared to be a civil rights establishment defense of annual standardized testing as the necessary centerpiece of a reauthorized No Child Left Behind Act.  661 more words

Equity & Opportunity To Learn

Social Class and Educational Inequality

Today’s New York Times (http://tinyurl.com/oaqtm4b) provides new evidence of the impact of social class on educational achievement. The evidence comes from the Educational Longitudinal Study, which began tracking 15,000 high school sophomores in 2002; the students are now in their late 20s. 172 more words

Can We Do More to Help Blacks Improve Their Lot?

Nebraska is a progressive state in many respects.  Last fall we raised our state minimum wage.   The Nebraska Legislature is now on the verge of eliminating the death penalty.  316 more words

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Factors affecting Ethnic Educational Inequality

Theoretical literature and empirical research have proposed several factors to interpret low educational achievement of immigrants’ children and mechanisms through which educational inequality between migrant youth and native peers with no foreign background occurs and/or is preserved. 1,838 more words

Social And Economic Inequalities