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Am I sad the school year is ending? Nope!

And that’s the truth. I’m not sad. That’s because I’m looping with a phenomenal group of learners with my good friend Jennifer Nusbaum.

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Educational Musings

In What Ways Might We Empower The Voices Of All Learners To Create A Culture Of Innovation?

This post was written by Michael Buist and Tara Martin as part of The Innovator’s Mindset MOOC (#IMMOOC).

Do yourself a favor. Watch this video, at least the first 45 seconds. 1,299 more words

Educational Musings

Bet You're Looking Forward to That

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The barbershop is and always will be a place where both customers and employees bare their souls. 237 more words

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Starting from Scratch #IMMOOC

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If I were to create a school, I’d fill it with trust. Trust among faculty. 173 more words

Educational Musings

What's Wrong with Science Fairs?

It’s not that I have something against science fairs. What I have a problem with is how students in 2017 are expected to showcase their scientific, mathematical, and written knowledge. 67 more words

Educational Musings

Our Learning Spaces

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For the past week I’ve been stressing about the best way to showcase the unique learning spaces of our 5th grade team at Knox Gifted Academy. 81 more words

Educational Musings