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"Be slow to speak"

I have been procrastinating doing my first article and have had plenty of ideas,it has taken me a while but here is our start.

The power of words has been underestimated for centuries or probably not as illustrated as it should.People commit suicide on a regular and kill each other from a simple misdirected words, truth or not,lose jobs and lives change forever from saying a few words.Bear in mind harmful words come out in many ways,sometimes in jokes,over a beer,etc but in most instances people say a whole lot of truth when they are angry.This is a more dangerous kind of truth as it comes from deep within.There is no harm in telling the truth whatever the situation but we have to be careful of the timing,presentation and audience in presence as much harm can be done even with the best of intentions and most importantly we should take a moment to question whether or not what we perceive to be the truth is actually factual,false or partially mendacious.We also need to be careful of the fact that what we might deem as the truth is not just a build up of frustrations that then comes out appropriately or inappropriately or the fact that what we say is really what we want to say as we take full responsibility for whatever comes out of our mouths. 412 more words



Reading an article in our local community newspaper today, was the first time I ever heard of this disorder. Have you heard of this disorder before? 373 more words

Childhood Trauma

September 22, 2011 2:14am

Today I have been contemplating many future paths from both a career and a educational perspective. The key is to figure out what I am passionate about and go from there. 691 more words

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Oleh: Pahrurroji M. Bukhori

Setiap orang yang telah berkeluarga, bisa dipastikan amat mendambakan keturunan. Segala cara akan mereka tempuh, walau harus mengeluarkan biaya yang tidak sedikit jumlahnya, guna memperoleh sang pelanjut generasi. 512 more words

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