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Just Google It?

Tonight’s first debate was over whether schools should be teaching anything that can be Googled. This was an excellent debate topic as it is very relevant to the frustrations I have as a teacher in my own classroom. 943 more words

Educational Technology

WEEK 1 RECAP: Technology in the Classroom Enhances Learning

Wow, what a fun week! I am always a little apprehensive about group work, especially when time is of the essence, but I have to say I lucked out with two fantastic partners in… 827 more words

Educational Technology

Your Authors for this Study Guide

The following students authored the information on this website. No, they are not literature professors, but they did approach this guide for The Bridge of San Luis Rey… 196 more words


How do I ... flip my classroom? (Part Two)

This is the second in a series that explains the why, what, and how of creating a flipped classroom. This explains the technical components behind creating videos and getting students to complete the homework. 792 more words


Forward Thinking for the Over Fifties Like Me

By Stephen Taylor
Science Department
Delaware Technical Community College
George Campus

Do you think that teaching is all about standing at the front of a class telling them how it is? 508 more words

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8 Reasons Why: Technology in the Classroom

You may have read many articles about why you should integrate technology in the classroom, heck, most states require the implementation of technology as a part of your evaluation. 1,460 more words


Reflections on Different Types of Media as Teaching-Learning Tools

Instructional Media provide messages with an instructional purpose – to facilitate communication and learning.” – SHARON E. SMALDINO

Teaching and learning process is affected by many factors to achieve its objectives. 435 more words

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