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Lifelong Learning is a Life Skill not a Buzz Word

Working in education, I have seen my share of buzz words (and concepts) come and go. Often they are rebrandings of past, failed initiatives or great ideas that simply don’t work among¬†the established cogs of the modern¬†educational machine. 616 more words


How universities shape the technology developed for them

From The Monsters of Educational Technology, by Audrey Watters, loc 563:

Why are we building learning management systems? Why are we building computer-assisted instructional tech? Current computing technologies demand neither.

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Technology Can Bring Even A Seasoned Veteran to Their Knees

It never fails. Intelligent teachers, attempting to learn more about current technology, feel lost and confused when presented with something new. How is it that these well educated, competent adults find themselves feeling like the first day of Kindergarten? 327 more words

Educational Technology

So, I was invited to the White House...

In late November 2016 I was invited to a summit in Washington D.C. that was organized by the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Educational Technology… 788 more words

Educational Technology

JIVE LIVE in the Classroom!

Total engagement, inclusion, and focus of each class is the Teacher’s dream realized. Creating moments where classroom materials marry with imaginations to transport us to new understandings can be rare or regular; much depends on the learning environment and collaboration of the team. 537 more words

Psychological surveillance and psycho-informatics in the classroom

Ben Williamson

Psychology has long played a role in education by providing the expert knowledge and survey instruments required to monitor students’ attitudes, dispositions and habits of mind. 2,010 more words

Insightful speaking and presenting experience at #Office365Summit held at Guangzhou, China for educators and school leaders from international schools across China, hosted by by @21CLInternational at American International School, Guangzhou, China… 35 more words