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MakerFaire A Many....

This past weekend, I attended the 12th iteration of the Bay Area Makerfaire event in Silicon Valley. The week before the event was set to kick off there was an article in the SF Chronicle suggesting it would most likely be the last year. 378 more words



I have had the pleasure of exploring a free demo account at Lucidchart.com recently. What a fun tool to use as a teaching resource and to encourage students to use to express themselves. 142 more words


Shoe Design Project

As the final project of the school year, I asked a group of my gifted 4th through 6th graders to design and prototype a new type of shoe. 562 more words


Jobs: Contract Curriculum Writers

Golucid.co is hiring for summer contract curriculum writers. I am not affiliated with this organization at all (except that I am applying for the position also!) but I wanted to let other people know. 49 more words


Guest post: Impact of AI in Education for Teachers and Students

Artificial Intelligence is part of the education, being incorporated in the classrooms as a way of leaching and learning. Now we cannot imagine schools without computers and other AI technology, or teaching and learning without the help of AI online tools. 600 more words


#TechTuesday: Engage Students with e-Chat on Backchannel

Don’t you just love it when your students really get engaged in a discussion? The ideas are bouncing off each other, students are respectfully disagreeing or asking follow-up questions, and the collaborative learning is just lighting up all over the place! 956 more words

Facilitate Failure to Allow For Creation

How many times did the technological ‘Founding Fathers’ have to fail in order to create something our world could not live without? When I think about it, all of our founding fathers in American history, focused on citizenship at a deep level, they created, they failed, they redesigned, and they worked at the idea again and again until something bigger than themselves was created to impact society. 795 more words