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Literacy in Context

“Literacy” in context…What does it mean now? What about now?

The opening chapter of “New Literacies: Everyday Practices and Social Learning” by Colin Lankshear and Michele Knobel concentrates mainly on this question as the authors explore the changing use of the term “literacy” over the past 50 or so years. 705 more words


The Monster of Materialism

Having mapped out a large number of possible motivations for learning, and having then blogged my way through the external motivations, and having started in on the internal ones by addressing the… 441 more words


Who owns educational theory? Pearson, big data and the 'theory gap'

Ben Williamson

Who owns big data? This is the important question posed by Evelyn Ruppert in a recent short article which details how big data are: 1,013 more words

Predicting Education

Predictions for technology and education are always popular. Over the break, someone sent me a link to this post on the topic:


I’ve always felt uneasy about predictive lists in education, and about such topics like the future of education. 131 more words

Education & Learning

Something I'm Thinking About

As I see one semester end (at seminary) and one unit end (in CPE) and one year end (at the church), I’m reading over a book that will likely find its way into one of my theory papers. 232 more words


Is Ignorance Bliss?

I am continuing a long thread of thoughts concerning the motivation to learn, started here with a chart that is central to my thinking.  The first internal motivation to learn that I wish to address is the general category of “fear.”  As this can be a confusing term, I will first define “fear” then seek to show at least four possible fears that motivate one to learn. 577 more words


David Brooks, Schools and Wisdom (Part 1 of 2)

David Brooks dedicated his October 16, 2015 New York Times column to the film “Most Likely to Succeed” and, implicitly, to the question of the ends of education–meaning, what are high school educations for? 850 more words