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What’s in it for Me? Motivating Your Learners

People have talked about the WIIFM (“What’s in it for me?”) factor in educational theory for decades. It’s the idea that is if people know what benefits training has for them personally, they’ll be more invested. 50 more words


Week 2- "Education & Change" and the American High School


Two ideas in this week’s reading particularly stuck with me, not because the notions are necessarily new, but because of how they were elaborated, placed in the context of our course work, and how they then framed my reflections on my high school experiences.   1,429 more words

Instructional Improvement

Spaced Learning: Applications in Elearning

It’s late. The test is tomorrow. You have a stack of textbooks on your desk and 12 hours to somehow transfer the information within them into your brain. 117 more words

Elearning Theory

A Blackboard and Chalk

Once upon a time, the technology in my classroom consisted of a blackboard and chalk.  And using this technology, I taught in much the same way that teachers taught for centuries.  1,657 more words

Facilitating Adult Learning

This is a project I built in my Master’s program to analyze adult learning theory and build an online resource for myself. I chose to make a blog with slideshows discussing the various parts of adult learning theory and resources for those facilitating adult learning.


Educational Theory

Do Learning Styles Exist?

When I was 12, my school made me fill out a form purporting to be able to tell me my learning styles. Apparently, I was either an auditory, visual or kinaesthetic learner. 173 more words

Elearning Theory

Hip-Hop Education and 4 Other Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Zepnick, Jaclyn

Emdin, C. (2014). 5 New Approaches to Teaching and Learning: The Next Frontier. Retrieved from http://www.huffingtonpost.com/christopher-emdin/5-new-approaches-to-teaching-strategies_b_4697731.html 

Famed professor and pedagogy in the hood expert, Christopher Emdin, explores five different ways teachers can engage students in a more effective and exciting manner. 63 more words

ET-Flipped Classroom