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Spaced Learning: Applications in Elearning

It’s late. The test is tomorrow. You have a stack of textbooks on your desk and 12 hours to somehow transfer the information within them into your brain. 117 more words

Elearning Theory

A Blackboard and Chalk

Once upon a time, the technology in my classroom consisted of a blackboard and chalk.  And using this technology, I taught in much the same way that teachers taught for centuries.  1,657 more words

Facilitating Adult Learning

This is a project I built in my Master’s program to analyze adult learning theory and build an online resource for myself. I chose to make a blog with slideshows discussing the various parts of adult learning theory and resources for those facilitating adult learning.


Educational Theory

Do Learning Styles Exist?

When I was 12, my school made me fill out a form purporting to be able to tell me my learning styles. Apparently, I was either an auditory, visual or kinaesthetic learner. 173 more words

Elearning Theory

Reading About Our Wastelands with Russell Kirk

Not so much a “book report” here as it is quotations that struck me as I worked through Kirk’s chapter, “Cultivating Educational Wastelands” from his work, … 484 more words

Educational Theory

Week 1-Connectivism & ISTE Standards

Here’s to the start of the summer term and a new class, TIE 542 – Digital Tools for Teaching, Learning and Assessment!  While there is no formal requirement to keep a blog for the class, I’ve found the practice quite useful in clarifying and solidifying my thinking in previous classes.   1,033 more words


John Milton Gregory's 7 Laws of Teaching

I was recently surprised to find that although I have mentioned these laws, I have never listed or blogged on them here.  These laws, stated in a book originally written to make sure Sunday School teachers knew the basics of teaching, are quite valuable in helping a teacher contemplate the basics of teaching.   608 more words

Educational Theory