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How Do You Activate a Student's Mind?

There is a number you call to activate a credit card.  There is usually some highly confusing route in order to activate an online account, full of questions about my favorite flavor of milk or who my mother’s great-aunt’s husband punched in the nose.   799 more words

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"Loves Mankind, Hard on People" - Bronson Alcott, Mr. Keating, and the Dangers of Putting Ideals before Students

I have spent the last week at Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard House in Concord, Massachusetts, attending their annual Summer Conversational Series. (As an aside, it is my second year attending the SCS, and it’s an amazing experience. 1,050 more words


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This an amazing post from one of our readers, a young educator who spoke for the first time at the Summer Conversational Series this summer. She certainly made me rethink "Dead Poet's Society," one of my favorite movies.

Why teachers must be involved in personal learning networks.

Educational practice is always evolving, but do teachers change with it? I believe good teachers can and must look to evolve and improve their practice. Transformative Theory. 176 more words


Aligning classroom design to the research.


Everywhere is a place to learn.

I think the first reaction teachers have when you start discussing classroom design is “the school is already built- can’t do anything about it.  347 more words

Educational Theory

Caught in the web (2.0)

After careful consideration, I have dipped my foot into the pond as Salmon,G (2011) describes it and have found myself fairly quickly at stage 3 and 4. 39 more words


Handwriting- the science behind why we need it.

My kindergarten class spend lots of time in the first few weeks developing hand and finger skills, all aimed at getting them ready to write. 225 more words