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Pushing with Paideia

What external forces can push someone toward an education?  In my last post I simply stated that motivation to learn comes from both external and internal forces.  700 more words


What Motivates Learning?

The teacher asks a compelling question (at least he thought it was) and the students just stare.  Or worse, they don’t even hear the question because their minds are far away.  447 more words


From Whence Cometh the Bureaucracy?

I spend some of my time reading reports and the like that tell me what I already intuit.  Today I read the following report (which to understand where this blog is coming from you should at least scan as well).  586 more words


Education of the Syrian Refugees

“Education is a fundamental human right and essential for the exercise of all other human rights. It promotes individual freedom and empowerment and yields important development benefits. 190 more words


Figure It Out

I have taken on a scary and fun enterprise this school year.  I am teaching a course about something I know very little or nothing about.  325 more words

Educational Theory

Open Education and teaching students to self-teach

In this age of massively open online learning and direct peer-to-peer transfer of knowledge, students and educators face a fascinating paradox.

In many online networks of shared knowledge, learning is social, knowledge is based on communal consensus and is in a constant state of flux and redefinition, and the voices and perspectives which feed that democratic definition of “knowledge” are increasingly diverse. 360 more words

Educational Philosophy

Is there a difference between group work and cooperative learning?

In this clip, I have briefly shown the difference between setting up group work-stations and group activities that develop better learning outcomes.