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My Teacher Hates Me

I just listened to a former student of mine being interviewed on a podcast.  She is brilliant and talented biophysicist (all because she had me as a teacher in middle school, of course) and the interviewer got her talking about her college experience.  1,043 more words

Educational Theory

I Beg to Differ...

A Look at the Modern Notions of Differentiated Curriculum and Instruction

I wish there were easy answers to educational problems.  But such panaceas (for that is usually what easy answers are), while often served up in journals and websites, usually fail in practice.  2,532 more words

Educational Theory

How is philosophy of education useful to education?

Professor Nesta Devine, Auckland University of Technology

Philosophy of education is sometimes assumed to be a rather abstract discipline that is somehow removed from the ‘real’ practice of education – but this has not been my experience. 1,524 more words

Mason, Ariella


Semrud-Clikeman, M. (n.d.). Research in Brain and Learning. Retrieved February 11, 2018 from http://www.apa.org/education/k12/brain-function.aspx

I liked this resource from the American Psychology Association because it covers a lot of areas, such as different ages or grade levels. 75 more words


Understanding Education: Standards v. Curriculum

Education is a central talking point, especially in local and state elections, and everyone has something to say about how the education system should work and what should be taught. 713 more words

K12 Education

Walking backwards into the future: Pursuing Pacific theory in person-centred research

Associate Professor Kabini Sanga and Dr Martyn Reynolds, Victoria University of Wellington

Frustrating, confusing and mystifying—or useful, fascinating and revealing? Theory: it’s a part of every researcher’s nightmare … or perfect day. 1,093 more words

What Does a Grade Mean?

After establishing what a grade or assessment is, we move on to the issue of what it indicates or means.

If a grade indicates the teacher’s assessment of learning, then we have to distinguish between the “kinds” of learning occurring.  802 more words

Educational Theory