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Secrets Of The Plaza Hotel

When I was in high-tech, I visited New York City once or twice a year to attend conferences and stayed at the Plaza Hotel on a couple of occasions. 110 more words


Travel: London's Underground

I recently read Dennis Green’s article  in Business Insider, which compared London’s Underground to New York’s MTA, and the entire time I was screaming: “Yesssss!” I visited London a few months ago in April and ever since, I have been telling almost everyone I know about how the Underground (or the Tube, as the Brits call it) is godsend compared to the MTA. 1,115 more words



 By:  Josh Sheldon

The sun is setting earlier and the fishing season transitioning into the late summer and early fall patterns. It’s that time of year when heavy metal rules the water! 1,407 more words

Informational Series

OpenCV #1 - Getting started

As I opened the camera app on my phone to take a picture of a scenery that caught my eye, The front-facing camera opened up revealing my face, much to my terror. 168 more words


Grainy B/W Example

Grainy B/W example photo of some interesting old architectural detail in downtown Montreal is a bit fuzzy looking however, it does provides a simple sample that describes it all. 65 more words


Don't fuck up your eyes this weekend!

So… SUN glasses right? NO!!

Sunglasses won’t cut it, not even those with extra-dark glass used by alpine skiers. They still allow too much sunlight to reach your eye. 105 more words