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Fire Up The Grill. 3-2-1 and It's Done!

I have been hearing a lot in the past several years about the 3-2-1 Method of grilling ribs. Here is the latest information that I could find. 810 more words

Party Time

Rainbow Rice Princess I-Spy Bottle

Our rainbow rice princess i-spy sensory bottle. Honestly i would have loved this bottle to have plain pink or plain purple rice but i had a tank of rainbow rice that we havent used in a while so i decided to just make use of it. 92 more words

Age 2-4

Nightsky Sensory I-Spy Bottle

Our night sky sensory i-spy bottle doubles up as a snowglobe. I simply coloured some water and added in glitter and star confetti. I have noted this bottle to have a soothing and relaxing effect on my toddler as she watched the glitter slowly drop to the bottom.

Age 2-4

Mixed Sensory I-Spy Bottle

Mixed Sensory i-spy Bottle
I made this one a while ago, but emptied it today to change a few of the objects. I included a letter “A” this time around for my toddler as her name begins with “A”. 47 more words

Age 2-4


She asked, “How do you move on from somebody

Who looks at you with moons in their eyes?”

“By falling in love with the stars”, 20 more words


Ang mga negrito o ita ay matatagpuan sa lahat ng dako ng Pilipinas. Ayon sa kasaysayan ay sila ang kauna-unahang tao sa bansa. Ang pangangaso at kaunting kaalaman sa pagsasaka ang ikinabubuhay nila. 200 more words