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It's My Body by Lory Freeman - Illustrated by Carol Deach

A 5 star rated book that empowers children to say no to unwanted touch!
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The one fear most parents experience is the fear of their child being placed in the care of the wrong people or being molested by a predator. 172 more words

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Android development of the new quiz app

I’m continuing on the quiz app. It is now only in Swedish, but will be in three other languages too in the end.
This is one image of the main categories. 25 more words

THE FLASH: Violett Beane On Jesse Quick Finally Going Full Superhero


Jesse Quick (Violett Beane) was introduced on The Flashearly in Season 2, but a year later, she’s finally fulfilling her comic book destiny, as the character has gained her own speedster powers – and, in this week’s new episode, “The New Rogues,” a costume to go along with them. 2,375 more words

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Service Cats: Just What Is Kitty Capable Of

Meowllo and welcome to Service Cat Monday. One of da things mommy hears most offen when tellin’ peeps ‘bout us is, “Service Cats? I’ve never heard of a cat being a service animal?” And then da next biggest question is, “What do they do?” Once mommy tells a few of da things we do fur her peeps jaws drop a bit; some in disbelief and some in awe. 994 more words


Knowing America through Poetry ~ Virginia ~ by rldubour

Monday!!! off to visit Arlington National Cemetery in the great state of:  (in alpha order)

Knowing America through Poetry


The origin of this state’s name came from… 282 more words


Nature Discovery Centre

The Nature Discovery Centre at Thatcham (near Newbury) is an absolute gem of a place.  Since discovering this place nearly 2 years ago we have been back to visit many times and always seen something different.  464 more words


No More School - Brian's Words

In time, there will be no need for”school” as we know it. By that point, our telepathic(/intuitive) abilities will be able to access the information me need by connecting to a given energy frequency wherein the information lies. 15 more words

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