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Congratulations to Highest Marks Achievers...!!! ‪

#‎JEE‬-MAIN 2016 Result “Performance speaks for the academic guidance rendered by NARAYANA system”

# A Feature from Hindustan Times :)

“An early start is a SMART start to HEAD start your journey towards becoming a Future IITian !! ”

X is for Xyloid

Being at a loss for the letter X, I turned to the tried and true friend of every writer … the dictionary. There is a surprisingly large number of words beginning with the letter X, but so very few applicable for daily use. 101 more words


What is Ministry?

Welcome back to our mini-series on Ministry, where we seek answers to 3 important questions. First, Who is in the ministry? 508 more words

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The trouble with polyamory...(?)

Every kind of relationship, whether you’re straight or not, monogamous or not, has its problems. But for some reason the concept of polyamory seems so immoral to most people, even in the LGBT+ community, that no one believes it could ever work long-term. 424 more words


About T

I’ll call her T, but she could be someone you know. She could be someone struggling with her college lessons, her trauma after a sexual assault, growing up with abusive parents indelibly scarred, returning from a war torn landscape remaking her world, or fighting substance abuse. 506 more words


30 Day Improv Challenge. Day 7.

The weekend is coming up!

Exercise:  Tonight, watch a show then try and see if you can say word or word any of the lines from it.