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Olive Oil tasting is just as fun as Wine tasting

Old Sacramento, Michael Jackson beats, food shots, FETA cheese drizzled with EVOO and Greek dessert wine (?) kicked off a pretty good OLIVE OIL TASTING/mama mixer at Old Sac’s… 489 more words


It's been a while . . .

It’s been several months since my last posting. Life has been hectic. But just because I’ve been too busy to post, doesn’t mean that I’ve been too busy to cook. 339 more words


This is for those who are afraid to try yoga.

If you have wanted to try yoga, or have been advised to try yoga, but are afraid to, please watch this video.

No one is too heavy or too injured or too stiff or too clumsy to benefit from yoga.   230 more words


About Beans

As my patients transition to a more plant-based diet, I’m asked more questions about beans than any other food. Beans are not a prominent feature of the American (Western) diet and most of us are unfamiliar with this wonderfully nutritious food group. 660 more words


Two New Cookbooks

Jackie and I just picked up two cookbooks: The Great Vegan Bean Book and The Great Life Cookbook. We’ve cooked two recipes from the Bean book and they were delicious. 26 more words


Naomi Wolf Talks About Vagina's

Just writing the word vagina kinda makes me uncomfortable.
But I’m a fan of Naomi Wolf so when she has something to talk about, I want to hear what she has to say. 121 more words

It Doesn't Get "Slicker" Than This.....

This week, the principals at CAW have asked us each to locate two images that exemplify how we think about design. For me one of those images will most certainly be from my faux magazine shoot for my raincoat made of plastic grocery bags. 767 more words