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so much love, so out of the blue!

So today’s Tuesday, my birthday’s Friday, and I won’t be here that day because I am attending my internship year students’ (class of 2012-2013) graduation.  I told my classes, and they, of course, took it mostly in stride. 258 more words

A Former Teacher Reflects: Business Practice and the Impact on a Classroom

As a teacher I often wondered how half the products that made it to my classroom ended up there. I found most of the textbooks, workbooks and online resources that I was given did not address the needs of my students at all. 456 more words


there are no words . . . !

“Dear Mr. James,

Oh the great Mr. James.  What can I say?  You are most certainly one of the greatest teachers I have ever had, even after eleven years of grade school.   259 more words

How Do You Measure a Teacher's Worth?

Imagine one morning, coffee in hand, you head to the website of your local newspaper, type in your name, and up pops how you rank in relation to your colleagues at work. 1,179 more words

Those That Can... Teach? By @ASTSupportAAli

Yesterday I phoned my mother (mummy), and asked her to suggest a location/time for me to take her out to lunch. (During the holidays I make every effort with my family! 1,119 more words


"the slippers make the man"

I think we can all agree on this.  Teacher style +10.

he taught me something important.

This one is from December 2012, during my internship year.  I will never forget this young man.

A student just came into the classroom and said to me: “Yeah, I’m switching out of 5th period.” I asked why, and he said: “My concussion messed me up . 167 more words