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Students' Views on Using Technology at PSU

Technology is ubiquitous in our learning and work environment. It is good to take a pause and assess how our students access and use technology to enhance their learning experience. 451 more words


Add eduPerson and eduOrg schema to LDAP

How to add eduPerson and eduOrg schemas (from educause) to your OpenLDAP.

Applies to CentOS 7+, OpenLDAP 2.4+

Copy the content of the eduperson ldif file from here:  101 more words


My first Educause Conference

I had the opportunity to go to my first Educause conference this past couple weeks. I’ve worked in higher education for nearly 20 years and this was the first time I was able to get to go to THE higher ed IT conference of choice. 522 more words


The Educause Conference covers how tech helps low-income students learn

Educause is a non-profit that focuses on advancing “higher education through the use of information technology”.  On Day 2 of its annual conference, speakers covered a wide range of topics from diversity, to IT security, to visual data and more.   194 more words

EDUCAUSE 2016 Highlights

With over 8,000 attendees, the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is one of the premier events each year bringing together the best of technology, teaching, and learning. 629 more words


#EDU16 - Rethinking Academic Technology for 21st-Century Teaching and Learning

Session Description: Pedagogical and technological changes are upsetting the status quo of course delivery. To remain relevant, academic technologists must be responsive, agile, and forward-thinking within a context of rapid change, high demand, and limited resources. 192 more words


#EDU16 - Seeking Evidence of Impact: Methodologies in Teaching and Learning

Session Description: Benchmarking and collecting evidence of impact is important in any undertaking. In this respect, postsecondary teaching and learning presents a unique set of challenges and complexities, so the key is to identify those methods that will produce useful and actionable results. 364 more words