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ECAR Learning Analytics Survey 2015

EDUCAUSE is conducting research into the state of learning analytics in higher education. In 2012 EDUCAUSE conducted a survey and found some interesting results. They found that over 4/5 of IT and IR leaders believe that analytics is increasing in importance for higher education success and more than 2/3 believed that it is a major priority in higher education.You can find some of their key findings from their 2012 survey… 32 more words

EDUCAUSE Report: Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

In April, EDUCAUSE released a report based on consultations with 70 thought leaders around around the need for Next Generation Digital Learning Environments (NGDLE). The report aims at exploring the gaps between current learning management tools and a future digital learning environment to meet the changing needs of higher education. 501 more words

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Next Generation LMSS will be Built Brick by Brick

An article in Educause. Learning management systems will have to change to maintain their popularity, according to Malcolm Brown, the Director of Educause. Instead of taking the holistic approach, they will be built by brick, to fit the needs of users.

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Educational Technologies

When quality standards ignore learners' needs

I have found it quite frustrating to attempt aligning my blended course to specific “standards” identified by post-secondary institutions, such as eCampus Alberta (http://quality.ecampusalberta.ca/ 646 more words


Theme-based teaching + technology = advance learning possibilities

A uniform approach to presenting the units of study not only makes sense, but helps reinforce learning. A common mode of organization is a hierarchical module—sections—lessons—supportive activities approach. 541 more words


BlendKit2015 - Answering the question, "Can they do it?"

After reading Chapter 3 of the BlendKit Reader, “Blended Assessments of Learning,” I realized, even more so than before, how different I operate my classroom and, therefore, how I deal with assessments. 753 more words


BlendKit2015 - Interactions: Beyond student to instructor or other classmates

Interaction is important regardless of the delivery method of the course. In a blended program and an online program, it is especially important. As Kevin Kelly and Ruth Cox point out in their article, “Techno Expression”1, students may often drop out of an online course if they don’t feel connected to the other students and/or the instructor. 614 more words