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Hadoop and Enterprise Data Warehousing: Use Cases

I strongly believe that if someone has done an excellent job putting forth a premise, there is little value in me simply restating and regurgitating that material. 206 more words

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Vendor Spin: What is not Metadata... What is not open...

I recently listened to a pitch by a vendor that was well spun. Let’s use this post to consider some spin around what is not metadata and what is a proprietary interface. 361 more words

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How DBMS Vendors Admit to an Architectural Limitation: Part 3 - EDW on IBM z/OS

This is the 3rd and final example of a vendor admitting, without admitting, to an architectural limitation. The first two parts on Exadata and Teradata are… 376 more words

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How to Analyze and Report on your Data

Part 2 of 2 in Data Warehousing series

Every business from startup to larger established businesses needs to track details about their customers, products, sales, purchases, social media, website logs to name a few. 978 more words


A Trend in Systems Architecture

I composed the video below on a contract for Intel… but they were kind enough to let me tell the story with only a lite promotional touch. 335 more words

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