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Review of "Twilight Re-Imagined: Life and Death" By: Stephanie Meyer

On the 10th anniversary of “Twilight” many people were waiting for the release of “Midnight Sun” but instead, fans got “Twilight Reimagined Life and Death” a retelling of “Twilight” with a gender swap. 859 more words

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Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Rewrite: My Fan Status Has Changed

I’m not going to belabor this discussion; this topic is being debated all over social media and blogs today and I have just a few simple points I’m going to target and then call it good. 636 more words

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Teaser: Come Find Me, chapter 21

Busy preparing, Bella felt happy just watching him, adoring him. She enjoyed seeing the concentration on his expressive face, smiling to herself, it was beginning to feel like home. 77 more words


The Art of Being Infinite, chapter 23

The Nature of Truths

mal de mer

1. French. seasickness

Seth’s eyes were bloodshot, he looked knackered. Still, he came anyway even though I didn’t ask him to. 166 more words


Come Find Me, chapter 20

Relief, Release

Slowly tasting, his lips on her lips, with her tongue she played a dreamy dance. It was right. It was good. It was easy; a sleepy, lust-filled ecstasy. 45 more words


The Art of Being Infinite, chapter 22

Bella Finding Bella

Trying to figure out what to do with my days now is harder than I would have thought. Since I can remember I’ve always known I would be something. 105 more words


The Art of Being Infinite, chapter 21

Brand New Information

From: Bella
To: rocky
Sent: 9 Mar 2013 12.03am

I’m at Edward’s. In Edward’s bed! He left to go to work, and I’m here all on my own! 23 more words