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Top 5 Wednesday: Poor Love Interests

Today’s top 5 is dedicated to the love interests in books we absolutely hate. I decided to pair them up and talk about the couples I could do without in my novels. 330 more words

Top 5 Wednesday

Daily Prompt: Second Time Around

Today’s Daily PromptTell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you? 399 more words

4 Whimsical Twilight Fan-fictions

Ah yes, the classic love story of Edward and Bella. Here we go.


Title: Shape Up or Ship Out

Author: silverwritinggoddess

Length: 23,802 words… 328 more words


Review of "Twilight Re-Imagined: Life and Death" By: Stephanie Meyer

On the 10th anniversary of “Twilight” many people were waiting for the release of “Midnight Sun” but instead, fans got “Twilight Reimagined Life and Death” a retelling of “Twilight” with a gender swap. 859 more words

Books & Authors

Stephanie Meyer's Twilight Rewrite: My Fan Status Has Changed

I’m not going to belabor this discussion; this topic is being debated all over social media and blogs today and I have just a few simple points I’m going to target and then call it good. 636 more words

Book Review

Teaser: Come Find Me, chapter 21

Busy preparing, Bella felt happy just watching him, adoring him. She enjoyed seeing the concentration on his expressive face, smiling to herself, it was beginning to feel like home. 77 more words


The Art of Being Infinite, chapter 23

The Nature of Truths

mal de mer

1. French. seasickness

Seth’s eyes were bloodshot, he looked knackered. Still, he came anyway even though I didn’t ask him to. 166 more words