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Saving Private Ryan (1998)

Steven Spielberg’s multi-Oscar winning story of a squad of men sent to recover a soldier who was the sole surviving member of his siblings set a new standard in realism where it comes to representing the battlefield. 250 more words


Edward Burns: He's the One

Edward Burns worked as a gofer on “Entertainment Tonight” for four years.  Then his directorial debut, The Brothers McMullenbecame an indie sensation at the Sundance Film Festival and Burns became Hollywood’s latest hot director.   934 more words


One Missed Call (2008)

A vengeful spirit transfers from mobile phone to mobile phone, leaving a message featuring the last words of its owner just before they are horribly killed. 164 more words


Life or Something Like It

Angelina Jolie, Ed Burns, Tony Shaloub

Fabby has recently purchased one of those HD tee vees and now she can see things that she never noticed before, like: small pox marks, hair highlighters, crows feet, etc. 782 more words

10 Low-Budget Filmmaking Quotes

In light of my last post (Waiting to Be Great) I thought I’d gather 10 quotes on low-budget filmmaking that I found scattered throughout this blog over the years. 1,150 more words


No Looking Back: Edward Burns and the Boss

No Looking Back is likely one of the strongest works in Edward Burns’ canon, yet it remains grossly underseen and was a massive box office failure. 1,160 more words

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Man On A Ledge (2012)

A cop convicted of stealing a priceless diamond feigns a suicide attempt as part of a plan to clear his name.

The title of Man On A Ledge gives you some idea of just how little imagination the entire film contains. 109 more words