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A VampWolf Wedding - Chapter 21: “Please hear the plea for forgiveness…”

Brad looked into the eyes –or as much as he could – of the seven-foot creature standing before him under the moonlight, with his hands firmly planted on his shoulders. 1,168 more words

Brad Keselowski

A VampWolf Wedding - Chapter 20: A Wolf’s Tradition

Dawn smiled as she took her own step forward, eyes focused on her brother and Juliette before her. She couldn’t believe that she once hated the young lady that stood beside her brother now and was the mother of her niece. 1,582 more words

Brad Keselowski

A VampWolf Wedding - Chapter 19: Chylder’s Approval…

As the ceremony progressed, eyes focused on the couple and the red band that never covered the band previously wrapped around their wrists.

“I like the flowers and ribbon better,” Amy whispers and Brittany nods her head in agreement. 1,538 more words

Brad Keselowski

Pale and Salty

Now, I’m gonna start off small here. Why am I salty today? Because I had to choose pastysloth as my url. Saltysloth was taken. It’s fine, really. 123 more words

Good Time - The One Where Robert Pattinson ISN'T a Vampire

Let me be Frank for a moment…then I’ll be Matt again.

*Pause for laughter and cheering*

This film probably isn’t for everyone. Not exactly a ringing endorsement from an outlet dedicated to the promotion of films large, small, and sometimes oblong-shaped (the Koreans can do some odd work ), is it? 650 more words


It's Twilight Again: Part 1

A Conversation With Myself

An Inside Look Into the Mind of Kim the FanGirl

Logical Me: So, we just finished The Chemist. What shall we read next? 790 more words


Movie Review: How A Werewolf Boy (2012) Proved Waiting Is Only for the Brave

Once upon a time, even before they were known as Do Bong-soon and Big Boss, respectively, Park Bo-young and Song Joong-ki first got the public’s attention through a movie that gripped everyone’s hearts. 872 more words

Park Bo-young