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How Our Friendship Continued To Continue

So we we’re still friends at this he starts telling me that he like me a lot a lot more than a friend. I was happy beyond happy, I use to look up at the sky at night and wish upon a star that he would like me, love me, and want me the way I did him. 484 more words


Redeeming Bella Swan

A Historical Analysis of the Twilight Series. (Spoilers abound).

Say what you will about the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer made bank from her series, Twilight… 2,423 more words


Why Fictional Characters Are So Easy To Love

You know exactly what I’m talking about. Your girlfriend made you watch a shitty movie with a bad soundtrack and questionable accents where the only thing thinner than the plot was the female lead, but just as you turned to her at the midway point armed with the best jokes you’d thought of over the first 40 minutes, you noticed her staring intently at the screen; eyebrows raised, mouth slightly open, eyes glistening in the same way they used to when she would look at you (before you started clipping your toenails in communal areas and wearing the same socks for three days in a row). 841 more words

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Prompt 10: Immortality

Prompt 10. You are given the opportunity for immortality. Do you take it or do you decline?

One thing that annoyed me about the Twilight series was that these vampires were immortal and they spend their days going to high school. 538 more words