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Twilight Movie Review

I haven’t read any book of the Twilight trilogy, but I have watched all the three and I can say the first one still is best out of the three stories. 189 more words


Bella and Edward - Twilight

My first attempt at drawing some caricatures. Twilight was good for it. :p

Denitsa Getova, Girly Girl No More

This week, my interviewee’s idols were by far the most controversial ones I’ve encountered so far on my journey – which made it a really interesting experience to talk to Denitsa Getova. 604 more words


A "Twilight" Review By a Sober Man

I get that Twilight is an easy target AND that the movie franchise closed in 2012. But the fact was that while I had a lot of fun at the series’ expense, trivializing it as s**t romance for stupid women, I’d never actually indulged in it myself. 1,051 more words

Permainan Logika (eg : Film Twilight)

Permainan Logika
by : @fitrianto2001

Apa yang membedakan antara manusia dengan mahluk Tuhan lainnya?, Ya… manusia diberi akal dan nafsu. Akal adalah pikiran, dan didalam pikiran tersebut terdapat logika. 853 more words


50 Shades of Grey Characters in Twilight

Character Name Changes

Anastasia Rose Steele-> Bella Swan
Christian Grey-> Edward Cullen
Kate Kavanagh-> Rosalie Hale
Ethan Kavanagh-> Jasper Hale
Elliot Grey-> Emmett Cullen
Mia Grey-> Alice Cullen… 149 more words

Anastaisa Steele

Sparkling hair....this shampoo is the real deal.

Now I am not one to buy into the hype with beauty products…okay that’s a lie I do sometimes! But at least, when I’ve tried a product I will not buy it again if it didn’t live up to its claims. 199 more words