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At the Drive-In: "The Sniper" (1952)

Eddie Miller is a different breed of man. He’s the predecessor to Travis Bickle in Taxi Driver and Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler. A sex fiend and a creep. 802 more words


Confessions of Boston Blackie (1941)

Since I’m still here in Boston…….

Edward Dmytryk steps into the directors chair for the second Chester Morris outing as the famed jewel thief gone straight. 454 more words

Daily Take

Summer Under the Stars-Adolphe Menjou

Sometimes he was the good guy but mostly the bad. I always picture him as playing the dapper ‘snidely whiplash’ parts in movies. Can you imagine in 1947 a 26 year old Deanna Durbin’s surprise when the man who played her father in 1937’s 100 Men and a Girl was now at age 57 going to play the guy that was hitting on her and chasing her around his apartment in the movie ‘I’ll Be Yours’. 51 more words

Film Noir

One Frame

Dick Powell as Phillip Marlowe in “Murder My Sweet” 1944

One of the best movie versions of Raymond Chandler’s novel directed by the great Edward Dmytryk. 17 more words

Broken Lance

Remakes have popped up here from time to time in the past and they often divide opinion among movie fans, not only based on their relative merits but also on whether there’s any point in producing them at all. 1,526 more words


My Classic Movie Pick: 1949's Obsession aka The Hidden Room

I tuned into a classic movie this week that I had recorded on our trusty dvr and to my surprise, the film starred Long John Silver of Disney’s Treasure Island  and Uncle Owen, of Star Wars!   539 more words


Moving pictures, #6

I’m trying to get caught up on these, since I’ve been watching so many films recently – all that bloody sportsing on television. Damn sportsing. Have never understood its appeal. 1,307 more words