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Day 3.... Get me the F out of here!

Continued….. April 2015

The morning following my hellish MRI experience was a Friday, the morning of Charlie’s coveted Spring Fling. The day that she looked forward to all school year. 1,267 more words


Day 2 in hell

Continued….April 2015

After a horrible first day and night we were incredibly scared and worried. We hadn’t said it outloud, but I think Ed and I had the same fear that I was going to die in this hospital bed. 1,415 more words


Today.... I might die.

April 2015- I’m not sure if the ER doc just wanted to wipe his hands clean of me or was truly concerned for me, but either way I was admitted to the hospital because despite all of the meds I had been given, I was still really sick and actually declining. 1,084 more words