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A fistful of intellectual power: Goodbye Edward Hugh, R.I.P

Tonight I got the very sad news that British-Catalan economist Edward Hugh has passed away.

This is from Ara in English:

ARA has learned that British economist Edward Hugh (Liverpool, 1948) died of cancer on Tuesday at the Josep Trueta Hospital in Girona.

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Finland's secular stagnation - a small aside

Edward Hugh wrote a very insightful piece on the state of the Finnish economy, especially seen from the secular stagnation perspective. In my opinion it is a very convincing piece and leads one to seriously question current economic policies (which is also possible on other basis, but this has a longer scope fundament). 787 more words


Hiding behind "Secular Stagnation"

Scott Sumner comments on a post by Edward Hugh:

The focus of Hugh’s piece is Finland.  He points to the very weak recovery, and suggests that structural factors are involved.

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Monetary Policy

Bill Black on Germany and the Eurozone economic policies

On Naked Capitalism.

For the sake of argument, while I think that Black is essentially correct, the issue actually goes deeper as Edward Hugh points out.


Worrisome if this analysis is correct!

A Simple Chart Illustrating Why Japan Style Deflation Is Now More Or Less Inevitable In Spain http://feedly.com/e/xZUifhy8


Larry Summers, Paul Krugman and Edward Hugh

This longidh post by Paul Krugman ties some knots between his own, Summers’ and Edward Hugh’s ideas of the importance of demographic change. Worth pondering! 15 more words