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The English Hitler?

His Majesty King Edward of England, First of that name (r. 1272 – 1307), has had a fairly good press. Biographies of him abound. The large and strong castles which he caused to be built in north Wales stand as very permanent memorials to his uncompromising policy, while his reign stands in sharp contrast to those of his predecessor, the well-meaning but lamprey-obsessed and rather dim Henry III, and of his successor, the hopelessly ineffectual and eventually horribly murdered Edward II. 1,466 more words


Harlech Castle, North Wales

Harlech Castle is located at Harlech, in Gwynedd, North Wales.  The mediaeval fortress was constructed by King Edward I towards the end of the thirteenth century, as part of his ‘Iron Ring’ of castles, built around North Wales to subdue and conquer the Welsh. 216 more words


Two Scandalous Bishops at Lichfield Cathedral - Leofwin and Walter Langton

Lichfield, in pre-Conquest times was a great see covering most of Mercia, these days its very much smaller and well worth a visit with its beautiful gospels and carved angel. 499 more words

Fourteenth Century

Castle in the Clouds

When I visited Flint Castle yesterday, I was privy to the most wonderful display of fluffy white clouds, billowing against a cobalt sky.

Flint Castle stands on the banks of the Dee estuary, in Flintshire, North-East Wales. 93 more words


Book Corner: A Palace for Our Kings by James Wright

In the heart of Sherwood Forest lies the picturesque, yet unassuming, village of King’s Clipstone. Between the twelfth and fifteenth centuries one of the very largest royal palaces ever to have graced the Mediaeval landscape stood there.

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English History

Queen Isabella and the Downfall of Edward II

Isabella of France was the daughter of Philippe IV (best known for wiping out the Knights Templar).  Each of her three brothers became king of France, but died without producing any heirs. 1,007 more words

Fourteenth Century

Let's remain. Remain to complain

Your prophets are like jackals among ruins. Ezekiel 13:4

I wrote three years ago that a plebiscite might lance the boil of the EU’s perceived undemocratic illegitimacy. 2,027 more words